Michigan-Michigan State Rivalry for a cause

Submitted by MGoManBall on September 18th, 2013 at 11:01 AM

If you all can remember, the highlight of last week was somebody flying over the Spartan's stadium and skywriting "Go Blue." 

Since this prank cost a few thousand dollars, the executive director of Michigan State's Alumni Association thought that they could take the rivalry to a new level and has urged State fans to raise money for the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance. The executive director wanted to see how much money they could raise for this cause and then ask Michigan alumni to match it. Pretty cool deal if you ask me. And it goes to remind people that there are greater things than football.

I still will talk inordinate amounts of smack for the game. But this is cool.

Link on ESPN

EDIT: I guess over $9,000 has been raised as of late yesterday (Tuesday)



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first, you need to become so unable to deal with the everyday struggles of life that you live every day in almost acute post traumatic stress to the extent that you actually disassociate with yourself and your surroundings.  Next, get a bunch of pot.  And bam - all that matters is football, pizza, and Breaking Bad, in that order.


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"I don't fault the Michigan fan who did it, but it felt like it would make sense to take our rivalry to a more productive level," Westerman told MLive.com.

Rivalry or not, this is actually a really cool - and productive - way to apply that same spirit to an excellent cause, and it even better that it is one that is near and dear to Mr. Westerman's heart, if you will. Supposedly, the official challenge to the Michigan Alumni Association will be issued at the end of the week based on what I heard off the radio. 


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Brandon could market it as a "gameday experience" cost and brand it.  Then, when people hand in their dollar, they get one of those airplane oxen masks stamped with a Tostitos logo and know the tax they just paid was worth it.