Michigan - Michigan State: Open Thread

Submitted by Sac Fly on January 23rd, 2014 at 6:07 PM

Michigan heads into a must win game at Joe Louis to take on Michigan State. The game is on FSD.




Nieves-Copp-Di Giuseppe







De Jong-Serville









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Hooray for quick whistles!*

*This post represents the opinion of only the current time, opinions free to drasticly change based on future whistles


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I don't "get" hockey as a sport... I guess this is what I get for growing up in the south in a city that lost its NHL team before I could really get interested, but I try so hard to watch these games but I just dont understand whats going on.  I love litterally every sport except Cricket cause that ish is confusing...

Does anyone have a good "hockey for dummies" book I can borrow?

Sac Fly

January 23rd, 2014 at 8:06 PM ^

If you want to get a feel for what's going on and how the game flows, watch what's going on away from the puck. You'll get a better idea of forechecking, offensive zone play and other important parts of the game.


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It's very hard to learn on tv since the puck is small, the action is fast, and penalties often happen off screen. I think, however, it's the best sport to watch in person. You really get a feel for the speed and skill involved and coordination between all five skaters.


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Here's the major things I watch for:
-Puck possession, and quality movement. This becomes even more important in power play scenarios, as the D loves to play keepaway in 5-on-4 scenarios.
-Guys getting open near the faceoff circles (I don't know their proper names) have the best chance of a goal. Dumping the puck to an open man near the net is a primary tactical goal.
-Checking someone is OK if they have the puck or you are competing with the other player for the puck.
-Red Wings and Michigan Wolverines victories!


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MSU certainly got the jump early - and should be up 1-0 - but Michigan steadily gained momentum as the period went on. The offensive is about as sluggish as ever


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Mihchigan's usually a better passing team than they've been the last month or so but it's been ugly lately. Can't put it tape-to-tape, a lot of good chances killed by a bad pass