Michigan Memorabilia Collections

Submitted by jcouz on May 25th, 2014 at 10:42 AM
As we remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy our freedom, I would like to post a link to photos of my own Michigan Memorabilia Collection...football jerseys. Enjoy looking at the jerseys and remembering the players who wore them. I would love to see photos from other posters as well. Go Blue! http://s1286.photobucket.com/user/jcouz/library/?sort=4&page=1



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My favorite of all time.

They were always hard to find, even right after the game.  You could find a white one, but not the #2 Rose Bowl blue one.  I would have thought they would have marketed the hell out of it.  Oh well.




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Obviously some of those jerseys are pictured more than once, but wow!


How many jerseys do you have in the collection?

How many are framed?

How many of those are up on a wall?

Many appear to be actual game jerseys...are they?

If so, how did you get them?

I nominate jcouz as the next featured poster on the interview an mgoblogger series.


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to ask the OP hiw much he wants for that A-Train jersey, I love it, he is by far my favorite UofM football player of all time,. His running style was so violent and he would set up his blocks so beautifully. I'll never forget when he ran over Lavaar Arrington!


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When he was still around, M-Wolverine had a list of future profiles he'd be interested in doing. The last time we talked about it he was going for either a newer poster or on a non-revenue focused guy or gal.

I don't know what plans Six Zero has to go forward with it, if any.


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I've been building up my collection slowly since I've been living in a one-bedroom apartment the last couple years.

Just bought a house a few weeks back. The downstairs will be mine...all mine!


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my cousin was a team manager 4 years for the men's basketball team. He gave my oldest a ball signed by the entire team 2 years ago, my now 1 year old has a ball signed by the freshmen last year(levert, spike, Nic, gen, mcgary) and he gave me a football signed by Denard and local, captains the previous season as a Xmas gift. I have nothing else really, Tom Brady Autographed rookie card is about all. I've lived in California and VA all my life, happy to have anything.

Big Mike

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I have a signed team photo from Rich Rodriguez. I got it from writing a letter to the football department for a class project in 8th grade. I don't know if it's legitimately his signature but it says "Hey Mike! Study hard and Go Blue!" - Rich Rod

Wolverine Devotee

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You've all seen mine. Will post pics soon (on mobile right now).

The best stuff I have is packed away safely in a locked safe I have. Includes a ticket from the 1948 Rose Bowl, a letter that Fielding Yost himself signed and a football signed by Bo.

Wolverine Devotee

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It's a letter to coach Harry Kipke talking about the idea of an "electric score board" at Michigan Stadium. It was dated December 1929. 

The scoreboards eventually happened in the 1930 season, as Michigan Stadium became the first stadium in the world to have electronic scoreboards.

This is what they looked like. 

They stayed until the 1968 season, granted, they looked quite different by the time they were torn down with an addition of a goofy looking analog clock at the top of them. 




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but my wife went to one of Woodson's wine fundraisers and scored two autographed bottles.  I took one and silvered the inside of it and it looks awesome.  Woodson awesome.  


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About 2 years ago once I got a house, just happened to have a bar/games room that needed decorating. My collection consists of a Final Four banner from 2013, a B1G championship banner from 2012 (bball), autographed pictures of Stu, Trey, Stauskus, Novak, and DMo, framed freepress from final four. My football collections consists of autographed 8x 10 photos from marlin jackson, braylon, avant, breaston, wheatley, alexander, knight, hart, henne, maurice williams (my all time fav UofM OL), denard, a-train, perry, bellamy, streets, walker, and a few others. I also have a framed program from the 97 rose bowl signed by jermane tuman, autographed program with Bo and Carr and Freehans and Elerbe's signatures on it (UofM golf outing dinner), old ticket stubs framed. The rest kf my

Room has baseball stuff and old kalamaZoo central stuff from the 1920s to 1960s, including some prized negro league autographed pictures. You guys have way higher level stuff, thise jerseys must be expensive. Once i have some free spending money I want to get a signed ball from beilein and some old signed baseballs and footballs.