Michigan Marching Band Relegated to Top Rows of ND Stadium

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After hearing on the radio that the band will not be allowed to play tomorrow from ND officials, looks like they may be relegated to the top rows of the stadium instead. Carl Grapetine states:

“Something will be missing. Oh, the winged helmets and the golden helmets will be on the field. The leprechaun, too. But for the first time in the 40 years that Michigan and Notre Dame have been playing, the Michigan Band will not be allowed to march its traditional pre-game show. Notre Dame said there wasn’t enough time to include the Michigan Band! And for the first time, the Michigan Band will not be seated on the sideline opposite the ND Band. They’ve been banished to the very top rows of ND Stadium. Do you know how long it will take to get 350+ band members with instruments to make their way down to the field for halftime? This is not right.”


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It’s not just poor taste, by my read it is against the rules, per the band director committee that oversees these things.

“Visiting bands should be afforded the opportunity to perform at least 6 minutes at halftime given that the request has been made in a timely manner as agreed upon by conference policies. The home institution should provide a safe environment for the visiting band students, and a seating area that allows for convenient access to the field and ability to participate in game activities.”



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The MMB will be playing halftime (I believe they will do a version of pregame), so they will be allotted the proper time then, just not at pregame. 

I think it is a bush league move by ND over pregame. There is a 22 minute window by NCAA rules from when the players leave the field from warm ups to the start of the game. Countless other schools manage to field both home and away bands in that period of time. ND CHOOSES not to abbreviate their pregame and allow visiting bands to perform pregame. This is 100% on them. 

I am not so upset about the seating. Since ND renovated their stadium, the sideline is even move tight than Michigan Stadium. There have been issues of players running out of bounds and running into the band -- with potential injuries to player and bandspeople.  I get the safety concerns. Just ask the members of the Spartan Band over players launching themselves (intentionally or not) into their midst. 


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I played there in MMB 40 years ago. Tight second half - George Cavender had instruments up, and playing after Every. Singe. Down. No ceding to the other band at any point. Must have played Victors Trio 100 times. Schembechler said that this fired up the team. Great Game. Great Victory. Go MMB -- Play loud, play long and play frequently.  Lead the team to victory again! 


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Yeah, no one in MMB calls them sousaphones.  A sousaphone is technically just a type of tuba, so it isn't incorrect to call a sousaphone a tuba, it is just is a bit vague.   But since everyone knows that no one would actually march with a concert tuba, it is pretty much implied. 

Section 1.8

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To hell with Notre Dame.


Why send the Michigan Marching Band, to those kinds of conditions?  Seriously; I regard it as a favor to the fans of important and historical rivals, that Michigan pays (a considerable amount) to arrange for the MMB to travel to away games and entertain the attendees in rival stadiums.  Why bother, if the treatment is like this?

(btw; I am all in favor of more band road trips.  I like it when other teams bring their bands; I think it should be almost-automatic that both teams' bands play at every Conference game.)

Those guys down in South Bend aren't even in our Conference.



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Wow, that stinks. 

We bag on the SEC for a lot, but how they encourage band and fan travel on the road is something that northern schools could learn from. ND is being ridiculous here.

Wolverine Devotee

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Pretty obvious what needs to happen. Ban their band from coming next year.

Wanna retaliate against us next time we go to your shithole town? Be our guest. Next time these teams will play after 2019 will be 2027 at the earliest. 

Ecky Pting

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I figure this will be the only time ND pulls this sort of the thing, because hopefully the band will be obstructing the view of as many ND fans as possible at the close of the first half while the queue up and fill the entire aisle from top to bottom to enter the field ... and the ignorance of this troll-like move will be voiced by ND ticket-holders themselves.


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Wow. That is utter and complete bullshit right there. 

I'm thinking their band can perform on the golf course at half time when they come to A2.