Michigan leads for Jabrill Peppers

Submitted by UMichMSW07 on April 15th, 2013 at 7:40 AM
@rivalsmike: Heard from great source that 5 star DB Jabrill Peppers is now heavy lean to #Michigan and that #OhioState and #LSU have dropped on list.


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Is Peppers planning on making a decision before this senior season starts? Or is there no timetable yet? Either way, awesome to hear we are really in it for all of these top prospects


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This is from a few days ago, but it has some quotes from Peppers regarding Michigan from his visit on April 3rd. They quote the Rivals piece from about the same time, and it is encouraging, if nothing else:

"I loved it. It was a great, great first impression. I grew up a Michigan fan so that certainly helps the cause. I had a lot of fun. It was more than what I expected. I had good expectations for the visit but they definitely exceeded them.”



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I understand VT has been a DB factory historically and Bud Foster is a great DC to play for but a couple things concern me. 

1) How is VT going to compete in the ACC against a lot of the Big East talent coming in? I know har har har but Pitt puts together good seasons at times and took ND to the wire. They certainly won't be pushovers.

2) How long is Bud Foster content on being a DC? Is he essentiallly a de facto coach in waiting? Can he outwait Beamer before he gets sick of it? It's weird that such a good DC never has his name coming up (I know he turned down offers before) for openings.


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I can't tell if you are serious or not.

Pitt is not exactly the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Even if they were, I don't see why that would deter top recruits from going to other schools in the same conference.  Players like Peppers want to compete against the best.  

As for Bud Foster, I tend to think that if he was going to leave VT for a head coaching position somewhere, he would have already left a long time ago.

If you were joking, congrats--you got me.


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WOTS is that McDowell is leaning more toward Michigan than anyone else. Notre Dame was thought to be right there with Michigan but some think something happened between the two and now Notre Dame is behind Michigan quite a bit.


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It's early, but it feels like our class has the potential to look like USC's epic class from last year prior to it's epic crash (small but loaded).


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I agree, which is why I said "potential." Regardless, Hand+Peppers+Malik>Treadwell+Isaac (in my opinion).

The fact that we're even in the top three of the top two players in the country is just further evidence that Hoke is changing the tide in the rivalry, not to mention jersey sales in Ohio.


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Nothing is more important and in such shortage as a dominant, disruptive, freakish D-lineman.  Such players are usually reserved for the likes of Bama, LSU,Florida or other SEC schools as these players are most often from the deep south.  Many coaches say that is what has been seperating the SEC from other conference overe the past decade.

The Treadwell's and Isaac's are replaceable imo, the D'Shawn Hands are a much rarer find.