Michigan Leads CFB Attendance for 15th Straight Year

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Not a surprise, of course. From DetNews.com:

Michigan is the national leader in college football attendance for the 15th straight year...

Michigan averaged a record 112,252 fans for six home games. The Wolverines broke the record of 112,179 they set over eight home games in 2011. Michigan Stadium capacity is 109,901.

The SEC led the nation in total attendance by conference, also for the 15th straight year. The addition of Texas A&M and Missouri assured that would continue.



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But with our additions of Maryland and Rutgers we'll....

/checks stadium sizes

/sees that theyre smaller than any other B1G school besides Northwestern

/sulks away into pile of TV money


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Did you also look at the stadium capacities for Fedex Field outside Washington DC (85,000), M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore (71,008) or MetLife Stadium in northern New Jersey (82,287) before you sulked away into a pile of money?

All three stadiums have hosted college football games and while we're still working out the details regarding schedules, divisions, etc., I don't think there'll be too much suprise if Maryland or Rutgers uses these stadium perhaps once a year to host a Michigan, Ohio State or Penn State game.


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And actually, if Wikipedia is to be believed, they are both bigger than Minnesota's new digs, and Maryland is bigger than Indiana as well.


Scroll down to "facilities"

Also, I guess I should look at average attendance anyway, It's not like most of the B1G sells out every game


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The SEC is smashing everything in sight because their commissioner is focused on creating the NFL lite.

The Big Ten is lagging behind at 60% of what it could be because our commissioner is focused on TV network revenue.


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January primetime ratings are BTN’s highest ever

January 2013 marked the Big Ten Network’s highest-rated month ever in primetime, according to Nielsen metered market data, fueled by high-quality men’s basketball matchups and strong performance of The Journey, which also set new ratings records.  BTN’s average primetime men’s conference basketball rating was 0.87 in the network’s eight metered markets*.  Among all national sports networks for the month, BTN trailed only ESPN in its eight metered markets.

“Our ratings growth is a testament to the high level of competition in the Big Ten, improved quality of our content, and continued increased distribution of the network,” BTN President Mark Silverman. 

Through the first 14 weeks of the season, BTN has aired 55 games featuring ranked teams, including 32 games with teams ranked in the top 10, and 20 games with teams ranked in the top 5.   In all, BTN will air more than 115 men’s basketball games this season.

Men’s basketball games contributing to the ratings growth include Minnesota at Indiana (1/12), the highest-rated regular season basketball game in BTN history, along with Ohio State at Illinois (1/5), Minnesota at Wisconsin (1/26), Michigan at Illinois (1/27), and Indiana at Purdue (1/30).

See http://btn.com/2013/02/06/january-primetime-ratings-are-btns-highest-ev…


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Kind of surprising that 2012's attendance numbers were larger than 2011's. 2011 had UTL, 1st home game against Nebraska, and OSU. The home schedule was much worse last year.

Hardware Sushi

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Jesus Christ newspapers suck so much. It's disgusting how inept they are at doing a good job reporting news on the internet. I understand this came across the AP ticker, but newspapers are paying for that shit - somebody should tell them to step their game up.

  • No link to a table where the reader can view attendance
  • No link to the press release by the NCAA/Big Ten or whoever put this out
  • No reference of other relevant attendance figures (rivals like ND or OSU, instate like MSU, Western or Eastern)

Great job giving the audience something useful, Detroit News. Give us a better product and find a new business model or go out of business because you suck. While I'm ranting about outdated business models, I hate the music industry and refuse to pay for individual song downloads. I go to more than enough concerts a year to support the artists I enjoy and probably pageview enough ads on streaming music sites to support a sub-Saharan family of 5.

Quit trying to make us feel bad because you give us terrible products using outdated business practices, newspaper and music industries. Something something business model Arrested Development rant ended:



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Was Tennessee the leader the last time Michigan was not?  Asked differently, did Michigan not lead in the year that Tennessee expanded its stadium and became the largest in the country for about a year?


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Looking at that, and then reading the article means that, if my count was right, then Michigan has at least been in the top three in all but three of the last 63 seasons (going back to 1949). That is really an incredible showing, and that's before mentioning all the  seasons in which we were on top.