Michigan Lacrosse Stadium is looking outstanding

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on September 5th, 2017 at 9:15 PM

This aerial shot of an update doesn't do it justice.

I was over there by it yesterday and this thing is MASSIVE. It's gonna be an intimidating sight for opponents seeing it when it's full on top of the field.

There are two scoreboards being put in at both ends of the field. Maize Block M to be painted soon at midfield.

The seating is starting to take shape just a bit North of the Lacrosse stadium at the new unnamed outdoor Michigan track. The track is going to be Blue and the stands will hold 500. 




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That's comical (to me anyways).  I swear to fucking God WD could post the cure for cancer and the votes would be evenly split cause somehow folks would offended by the way WD posted the cure.

Edit: God bless you Mgohail.  Looks like we had the same reaction at virtually the same time.  Your reaction, being younger I'm sure, was just a tad faster than mine.  But the point remains that it's bullshit.

Wolverine Devotee

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They don't practice at the same time. Oosterbaan is going to have 75 yards of field left once the Football performance center is done.

It looks like the plans to build a new volleyball arena have been put on hold for now.

U-M Indoor Track Building is being gutted and turned into a field house as a replacement to Oosterbaan. Will be an indoor practice facility for those sports who lost their indoor home due to the Football expansion. 


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An awesome sport. I just started watching it more because my kids are starting to play, and it is fun! And fast! Can't wait to take my girls to see the stadium there.


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I find the entire new athletic campus off-putting. I realize Ross is pretty much finding the entire thing, but really do we need separate track, lacrosse, field hockey and soccer fields? That's a lot of wasted space on very valuable property.

Building a corporate HQ type building would've brought a lot more economic value to the area, rather than a bunch of gold plated stadiums that will bring in maybe a 100k/yr in revenue to the athletic department (in a good year).

Anyway, grumpy townie rant over.


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and then put some over priced artwork up (at grumpy townie's taxpayer expense).

At least Stadium Blvd in front of the Big House is finished in time for Saturday : )


edit: The city assessed the property over $3 million. It was sold to the U for $13 million. Of course the U doesn't pay property taxes to A2, so they are losing out on $300,000+ /year. 


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by the ultra-luxurious facilities that many universities are forced to build to keep up in the recruiting game.  We have made a group of our student body (the atheletes) seem like an elite population that is above all others.  Not just the fields and stadiums, but also the lavish training sites, pools, lounges, food stations. etc.  Are these facilities open to other students when not being used?  Probably not.  I understand that a couple of sports bring in tremendous amounts of $$$, but only football pays for itself.  Are these guys any more important to the university and society than our other students, such as the scientists, social engineers, etc? 

That being said, I enjoy following our sports.  It's just the degree of elitism that is a bit off-putting.


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just because you don't frequent them.


The U needs to expand and upgrade and those are as close to campus as they could get.........office buildings could be built anywhere in town and still have the same economic impact. These facilities do not hinder that in any way.


If Office Buildings aren't being constructed, it is because they are not needed or because there are growth restrictions or something else. There has never been any point where the town said we could let the university expand OR we could build office buildings and we're going to do the former.


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Is on an upward trajectory.  Will be fun to see where they are in a few years.  Will start getting elite talent from the East Coast.  Guess I better learn more about the sport.



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The interior is even more amazing. I am working on the graphics package for the project and the sports performance building and strength and conditioning areas are top notch on par with anyone in the country. The hydraulic track is an awesome thing to see as well. As the guy who is putting the lipstick on this pig I can tell you the graphics and casework will be amazing as well. Go Blue!


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Lol ...those pics were on Twitter days ago.

The new facility is badass ...M playing catch up really fast in the LAX world. New coach means 10x what the facility does, though both are hand in hand.

It's not as grandiose as some fields, but then again M Lax hasn't won a few NCs yet ...