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Submitted by LongLiveBo on April 7th, 2010 at 4:00 PM

Sam and Ira had a few segments about spring practice this morning which mostly consisted of Denard and Tate talk. If you can make it through the beginning of the second one with some idiot hitting buttons they end up talking about Tate and his health or maybe lack thereof. Just thought you dudes and dudettes might want to give it a listen.






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I listened to them this morning and when they kept talking about Denard, I was reminded of last fall when we heard the exact same things including that he would be the starter come September. I'm not saying he can't be or that he isn't radically improved, but this time around, I am going to take what they say with a grain of salt.

I did find it interesting when they mentioned that Tate's balls don't have as much zip as Denard's resulting in more of his throws being picked off.


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"I did find it interesting when they mentioned that Tate's balls don't have as much zip as Denard's resulting in more of his throws being picked off."

And by "interesting" I assume that you mean horribly, scary and neausea-inducingly?

Also, you said "Tate's balls." OK, I will resume being an adult now.


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Concur. It seems every year there's a player or two that gets a lot of hype in the spring and then come saturdays in the fall, I'm wondering what all the hype was about.

The other thing I try to keep in mind is that I'm not expecting UM's defense to be that good this year (hopefully better then the last two years, but nothing that makes me think dominant). It's not like the offense is going up against a killer defense. I probably can't even imagine what the second string defense looks like.

That being said, I'd much rather hear guys are looking good in the spring then hear disappointing reports.


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that they're exposing him to contact drills to improve his ball security. Either RR is crazy, or Tate's shoulder isn't banged up.


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Only a moron would let his injured QB take contact in practice. Watching some of the highlights on mgoblue.com, Tate has fumbled at least twice in scrimmage situations. I like that RR is using live situations to teach some fundamentals. Is it just that Tate & Denard are small, or Devin Gardner huge? He looks like VY in a winged helmet...


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"The shoulder injury Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier played through last season was a slightly torn right labrum, a person familiar with the injury said Friday.

"Forcier was diagnosed with the injury when he underwent an MRI while home for Christmas break. He’s rehabbing the shoulder now and doesn’t need surgery, and he’s also recovering from a staph infection in his right knee, the person said.

"A Michigan spokesperson said the university does not comment on players' medical histories, and Forcier declined an interview request through the sports information department."


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While I think that it is a great thing that Denard is radically improved (hopefully), I also think that if there is a true QB controversy, this says more about Tate's lack of improvement than Denard. Unless there is something that we all don't know, I think that the starting job was Tate's to lose. He and Denard are both going into their 2nd year, so both should experience a leap forward. Happy that Denard made the leap (giddy, actually, as he has so much potential), but if Tate did not, then that is a concern. I know, still spring, only a few practices in, Tate is coming off of an injury, etc., but this is still a concern.


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Well, we can all see how they are doing when we watch the spring game. The big 10 clowns said the same thing last year that a lot of them thought Denard would be the starter at the mid-way point through the season. We all saw how that panned out.


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That wasn't "some idiot hitting buttons." They have been having difficulties with callers since last week. They had to give up on Bev Plocki on Friday, which is generally a pretty good interview.


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I'm really liking what he said about Terrence Robinson. It would be great to see him dream shakin' the shit out of the big 10 this year. I wonder where he would play though, more slot or more RB? Any INSIDERZ info?

Blue boy johnson

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I'm no insider, but I don't see Terrence Robinson getting many carries or receptions. Not because he hasn't improved, but because of the limited opportunity he is likely to encounter, due to depth.