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Unrelated to this, but I don't have enough points to start a thread (and it is just pure rumor at this point) so I will throw it here.  Apparently according to a couple of insider type guys on the Wolverine there is something big brewing with a commitment from another school, and it is not Brionte Dunn.  Like I said just rumors at this point but the biggest insider on the whole board says his sources are telling him the same thing....


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I'm game for a recruiting rumor.  Did they mention what school, what position or what side of the ball the supposed recruit plays on?  Someone from Mich State would be nice.  However, Penn State might be more likely these days.

Edit: Just read Mr. Buttcheeks post, which clarifies things.

Mr. Yost

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Tommy Schutt...with Brown moving to TE that's another spot on the DLine (I know Brown was outside and Schutt is inside, but we have Wormley, Godin and Strobel who can play either)


Se'Von Pittman...with Brown moving to TE, maybe they're going to work hard on another DE?


Aaron Burbridge...maybe his grades are in order and he wants to play with his boys? We do need WRs.


Sheldon Day or Jarron Jones...maybe one of them, just because they're worried about the other.


Danny O'Brien...he was down to Michigan and Tennessee, and I have two words for you: Mike Martin.


Armani Reeves...he was a Michigan lean at one point, but commited to Penn St., he could very well be looking back to Michigan with this PSU fiasco.


I named this post "random and totally clueless"...but now that I read those, they really aren't that bad or far fetched. I'd be willing to bet it was a name off that list. Unless this idea is mistaken and it was "big name prospect" but it wasn't someone committed. In that case Wright, Diggs and some of the top OLmen have documented high interest.


If I had to rank my guesses, I'd say:

  1. Reeves
  2. Burbridge
  3. Schutt
  4. Pittman
  5. Day/Jones
  6. O'Brien


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Wow. The two play sequence by BWC on 3rd and 4th down and short in the 4th Q. was pretty awesome.   He just destroyed the center on the 3rd down and on 4th down he submarined and made a big pile that should have stopped the RB.  


November 15th, 2011 at 12:46 AM ^

1.  offsides
2.  Morgan with a nice smack on the FB  :14
3.  Floyd breaking on the ball before it even leaves the QB's hand. incomplete  :28
4.  Nice stunt, nice pressure by Roh
- punt-
5.  Great job RVB staying home on the zone read
6.  2nd and 7, Countess 10 yards off the receiver.  Apparently the bubble has not been outlawed in Illinois.  Great job by Jake Ryan to react and cut off the inside lane.  In a perfect world Countess tackles this at 2-3 yards, but misses.  Ryan hustles and tackles.
7.  Michigan re-aligns in reaction to TE motion.  Good thing too, bc bringing down Ryan allows him to crash and tell this play, "I will kill you where you stand."
- punt -
8.  Option dive swallowed by the DL.
9.  Jibreel Black (!) makes a nice inside move, tosses the LT.  But he's cut down by RVB, who's doing marauding of his own.  Roh also comes over the top and they all force a poor throw to a drag route that would have gone for 6-7.
10.  7 men on the line.  ND nightmares.  They can't all stay there, bc we've got 3 DBs aligned to the side of the field w/ only 1 WR (and a RB).  2 WR's and a TE are at the moment covered by JT Floyd, and 2 of the guys who'll drop off the line.  Illinois gets freaked and audibles.  To a running play.  On 3rd and 10.  Panic.  How bad must the original play have been?
11.  Morgan with the worst bite on weak play action I've seen in a while.  May as well blitz at that point, son.  Schlhs stares at Jenkins the whole way and hits him for a 7 yard curl.  I think Demens needs to get wider on his drop here.
12.  false start
13.  Double move curl by Jenkins on Floyd, first down.  Can't win 'em all.
14.  Roh standing up, taking the flat.  No worries, bc the H-back and TE are staying in for max protect.  Fear has led to wasted players on that side of the ball, bc no one's coming.  Schlhs again stares at Jenkins the whole way, but he's covered.  Incomplete.
15.  Ryan bites a little too much on a zone read.  But he recovers nicely and tackles the QB, in large part bc Floyd sheds his block and cuts off the outside.  The Team.  Nice speed by Ryan.
16.  7 guys on the line again.  MM as a stand-up end.  lol Illinois RT.  Martin appears to slip a $20 bill into his pocket as he runs by completely unblocked and kills Schlhs.  Incomplete.  2:33
- punt -
17.  Iso that Illinois blocks well and should go for 9 or so.  Kovacs fundamentals it, Gordon recovers.  The Team.  The Team. 
18.  The half is almost over and Schlhs hasn't looked at anyone but Jenkins.  He does so again and Countess breaks it up.  He's going to pick that next year.
19.  Morgan is totally lost and misses this drag route (based on what GMAT said on Iowa, I assume he has this to the hash).  This is a first down at least, but the ref gets in the way.  Pay back for last week?
20.  7 guys on the line.  Only 4 come, but Illinois has no idea who to block.  Demens is observed and then waved through, apparently his papers are in order.  RVB beats what ends up being a double team.  Schlhs stares at a guy who isn't open, and gets swallowed by the jailbreak.  The Team.  The Team.  The Team. 
21.  Schlhs stares at the TE and hits him for 7.  There's 55 seconds left and they're on their own 25, so this is fine.
22.  Flubbed snap.
23.  Avery makes a nice tackle on a 3rd and 17 run.  "Fumble.  TD."  lol refs

This is what Defensive Annihilation (Muppets) looks like.