Michigan hype videos needed!

Submitted by zohizzle101 on April 14th, 2011 at 2:38 PM

I am part of a volunteer group that mentors high school students and helps them out with their college applications. This past weekend, we took a trip down to UT and the tour guides had a texas football hype video up before they started the presentation. All the kids couldn't stop talking about how UT had it all after the tour.

I'm wondering if you guys have any youtube links to hype videos that you guys really liked (I'm already going to show them the hype video on the main page). I've been hyping up Michigan to a lot of these kids and I was in the process of sending out some info on Michigan along with a couple of hype videos.

Also, if you know about any education-related videos on youtube that are cool, feel free to share!



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DId you make this? If so I dont think a 2011 hype video should have RR or Tate in it. I dont know how to make one Im not good at that kind of stuff but if i could I think id make it with Brady hokes speech and show him alot more and some videos from practice and videos from the spring game last year. This is a new era.


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I'm a big fan of the videos that start all sad and are in black and white, then the line "sometimes when your on, you're really fucking on" and it turns to color and the wolverines start F'in S#@! up.


dont know the song but i cant wait for this years version.

Dark Blue

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Could someone make one of those Better Son/Daughter videos for 2011?  Those have become a summer tradition of Michigan football for me now.


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My favorite M hype video, emphasize the whole "Football Saturday" experience (e.g. fans, the Union, Marching Band, etc.) and not just football highlights. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjddAtP-vxQ)


(!) But, the sound has been removed by a copyright claim, so just set the video to this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEYxOPtQqWw). They sync up pretty well if you start the song about 5 seconds after the video starts.


Also, I would recommend checking the "Michigan Difference" videos on YouTube, since most of the suggestions you're going to get otherwise will be football-centric. Good luck, and great work that you're doing!


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you're enjoying your stay! Amusingly, I'm actually in Austin right, finishing up my 1L year at UT Law. Best of luck with your work, hope you can inspire a few future Wolverines!


Also, as an aside, what's the name of this group? Sounds like an awesome cause, if there's a chapter in Austin I'd love to get involved.