Michigan Hockey: "We’re Having Fun And That’s What Counts" EDIT: This is satire

Submitted by TXWolverine44 on January 30th, 2017 at 1:07 PM

Funny little article I stumbled upon about the hockey team this year. The National Title game seems like an eternity ago *sigh*


EDIT: Found on Children of Yost FB page

EDIT 2: Changed the title to point out that this is a joke....just in case people's snark-o-meters are not completely functioning today



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One year my maybe U10 or U12 soccer team went winless. Like 0-10 or something. And they gave us trophies at the end. We all felt so lame because everyone knew we sucked. I really do think it's the parents who have demanded these because some vocal ones would rather not have tough conversations about how you might suck at some stuff and life isn't fair


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Exactly.  It appears to be a college focused version of the Onion.

Here's one article about Calipari titled "Kentucky Basketball Coach To Retire To Whimper And Cry Full Time After Loss To Kansas"  (http://theblacksheeponline.com/kansas/kentucky-basketball-coach-retire-…

Or this one about the Chinese New Year:"PC Student Wants To Rename Chinese New Year “Asian American New Year" (http://theblacksheeponline.com/kansas/pc-student-wants-rename-chinese-n…) [Sadly, I could see this one being plausible from the title]


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As the linked page is blocked for me at work, it'd be nice if you could have looked it over a bit more carefully before sharing this "news" with the rest of us.

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This lovely line coming from the CO-CAPTAIN tells me all I need to know about why things are the way they are.


“It’s been a tough season for sure,” said captain Nolan De Jong, “but hockey really isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about building lasting relationships with your peers, and at this point in the year we’re really finding our stride as a team. Just not in terms of scoring goals, you know?”



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The only way i could defend that is if he's saying that by bonding as a team the goals will eventually come, just not yet. But he really undermines that by the whole unqualified "isn't about winning or losing" Really what are they doing charging $ for tickets then? This isn't a charity event. Hand back their scholarships and refund tickets if they don't give a shit. If they want to build relationships only, go join a fraternity or intramural

And where is Red in all this? He is looking like Paterno "coaching" from the luxury box (minus the pedophilia of course). And in fact, i recall a few years ago he said he puts on the skates like once a season


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The captain of my 6th grade team said the same after we went the season almost winless

I mean i do agree that too many take sports too seriously at too young an age. Over half the team quit by the next year, not because we sucked (this drop off happened in every sport, in the whole county) but because by middle school sports becomes super competitive and practice becomes entirely workout with no fun thrown in. Those who did stick with it succumbed to the same obsession that has lead to one sport participation

However, this criticism shouldn't carry over to 21-22 year olds. By then it's time to grow up and put in the effort. I bet even Hackett will start to take issue with their attitude once he realizes a year from now that ticket sales are way down


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This is satire.  Look at any of the other headlines on the site.  Including one about Calipari retiring to cry after losing to Kansas. 

do you believe everything you read?  

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This is not real. This a crank article. Read this-


Said Minnesota captain Justin Cloos, “We had heard stuff about Michigan, but that game was a trip – they’re literally insane. Cooper Marody joined in our celly hug when I scored a goal against them in our last game. He wasn’t even on the ice. He literally jumped off his own bench to give me a hug, then leaned in really close to my face and whispered, ‘you’re a great person.’ I actually don’t really want to talk about it anymore.”


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Is the rush to publish something on here first so urgent that one can't figure out its satire before rushing to conclusions? 


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... and I don't limit it to the OP.  As much as we all trumpet our superior education(s) (and yes, I realize we aren't all U of M alums), it really took very little effort to see that it was a humor site.  Why get all indignant without seeing that there was something to get indignant about?  To me, that's unnecessary stress.

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...to alleviate these athletes from the burden of "playing school". Think of how many wins they could have if they were able to practice all day, everyday. I mean, in reality, the only reason they exist is to entertain the students, alumni and fans so who the fuck cares if they get an education or a job after school, unless of course they "go pro" and can entertain us some more.

And there is no excuse for a team of losers to feel even an iota of pride or self worth when they fail to entertain me.