Michigan Hockey vs Miami Game Thread

Submitted by bacon1431 on October 26th, 2012 at 7:16 PM

MIchigan takes on the next installment of the Redhawks dynasty tonight. Really wanna kick their asses in the last year of the CCHA. Puck drops around 7:30.

If you want another way to get your hockey fix, Grand Rapids Griffins game is on Fox Sports Detroit right now. Already up 2-0.



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What the original definition?  If it's anything other than "All Public Schools" I'm calling bullshit.

EDIT:  Did some research to back up by call of bullshit, and it appears, like usual, I'm right.  According to USN&WR, Miami is #37 in the list of public schools in the nation, tied with Auburn(!) and SUNY Binghampton, talk about academic reputation.  Miami falls behind such schools as Colorado School of Mines, University of Delaware and every Big Ten school save Nebraska. 

The funniest part, is that "The Harvard of Ohio" is the third highest ranked school...in Ohio. 



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I see.  I was unfamiliar with the term.  I thought more went into it than "just one guy's opinion." 

The fact that his list includes Miami and Vermont, but not any non-Michigan Big Ten schools gives it less credibility.  Even if you say Miami is better than OSU, which, fine, no one thinks it's better than Madison, Penn State, U of I, etc. 


October 27th, 2012 at 12:52 AM ^

Considering the number of schools in the US, that is not a terrible ranking.  Also, before you go trashing some of those schools you listed, you may want to do some research.  The colorado school of mines is actually a top ranked engineering university, despite the unfortunate and quite dated name.


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Babcock is in the booth for a little bit for the Griffins game. Said he has enjoyed going to MIchigan for hockey games for something to do during the lockout.


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mgoblue announcers said earlier in the 1st that some miami director (or something) was yelling at some CCHA officals behind them up in the booth. never heard of that happening before, seems very disrespectful at the least 


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Got here 25 minutes before puck drop no seats left except so far back that the upper deck cuts off some view, and even those seats were sparse. Fair amount of students in aisle. Thanks dave brandon. If i have to get here 40 minutes before puck drop to get a half-decent sea (NOT a good seat, just an average one)t, while large portions of the non-student section stand empty, i may not get season tickets again next year.

I Bleed Maize N Blue

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Racine was behind and to the right of the net (if you're facing it), pressure coming, so instead of going up the boards, he went behind the net.  Treais was on the other side of the net (not sure if Racine was aware), had the puck bounce bigtime off his stick towards the net, where they put it in as Racine was getting back.