Michigan hockey vs. Lake State open thread

Submitted by CaptainBlue on January 7th, 2012 at 7:38 PM

Michigan won 4-2 last night. Tonight's on Comcast, let's do it again. Nice to have these games on TV. For those not with the right channel:

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Wolverine Devotee

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Whoop de do lake state got what will officially go in the books as a tie. They still haven't beaten Michigan in 15 tries.

If Michigan had Hunwick they would have won this like last night, but you know how that goes. Hey, a tie is better than a loss.

Hope that Shawn feels better really quickly because look who is next on the schedule.

Anyone worried about Michigan not having home ice in the conference tournament needs to relax. Check the standings. The middle of the pack is separated by only a couple points each. For example, if Michigan won tonight they would have sole possesion of 4th place. But now they're 7th because of a TIE.

I think this Michigan team can manage getting into the Top-4 in the standings and getting home ice. They need to avoid the 5 spot completely because that would be a road series at the 4 seed and most likely a nationally ranked school.

They can win the CCHA Tournament.

I believe.


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Treais played a horrible game.  


Glendening has done nothing all season; I expect more from the captain of this team.  Doesn't even seem like he is a leader on the ice (on top of the fact that he doesn't touch the scoresheet).


EDIT: And before you neg me, even AJ agrees with me:


 Aj Treais 

Worst player in the league