Michigan Hiring Ferris State OC

Submitted by CincyBlue on February 11th, 2019 at 2:41 PM

‏@BruceFeldmanCFB 1h 1 hour ago More SOURCES: #FerrisState OC Steve Casula is expected to join the #Michigan staff as an offensive analyst. He and new #Wolverines OC. Josh Gattis worked together at WMU.



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and there is more from Bruce: SOURCE: Bethune Cookman special teams coordinator/recruiting coordinator Aashon Larkins is also expected to join the #Michigan staff as an analyst.

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Mutually beneficial to both sides.

He obviously had some great experience last year, helping Jayru Campbell to the Harlon Hill (D2 Heisman) and leading Ferris to the doorstep of their 1st National Title. Perfect for the analyst role, after which he'll have the upward mobility to take a job as a Power 5 position coach or maybe lower FBS coordinator.


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This just confirms Michigan’s offense will be a full spread next year, and give Jim credit for making the moves he has on offense it was much needed.


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For those of us who watched D2 football last year, especially GLIAC and the playoff games, the Ferris offense was very "speed in space". 

They probably relied too much on the legs of their QB in the end, but they had no problem throwing bombs all over the field, spreading out the D and opening huge holes for their fast RB + QB to run read options.

This is the next logical step for our offense to take. Ideally, everyone would run the Patriots offense; but there aren't a ton of TB12/Gronk/Amendola+Edelman in the world, let alone in college. 

Hopefully we'll have more explosive plays than last year. We have more experienced WRs, QB, OL. Our offense should be Top-20 this year. 


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I think this is a good hire, but Ferris had a D1 Power 5 starter caliber playing QB for them against a bunch of D2 athletes. It was at times like the varsity playing against the JV. Let’s not get carried away.


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Does Michigan publicize or someone keep a list of all of the analysts and GAs on staff?  

Seems like there is a lot of talent building behind the scenes in the program.