Michigan Hating God

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Is anyone still questioning his existence?



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but isn't the clock supposed to start once the players touches the ball. Turner had the ball for at least .5 seconds if not longer before the clock started. Why don't the officials look at that when they look at the review? ESPN showed only one replay from the in bound, and it seemed that the clock was not started on time. On top of that, when OSU called time out, there was 2.0 seconds left, which was quickly changed to 2.2. Am I being crazy here?


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At least I wouldn't be yelling that. There is ONE thing you can do in situations like that and it is force the toughest shot possible. We dropped 4 guys back behind half court (and 3 behind the 3 point line) and let small ass Stu Douglas try to guard Turner. How you fuck up that badly in that situation is beyond me.

Beilien basically threw in the towel, said "Well, we've done all we can, the rest is up to God, let's hope he doesn't hit that shot"

Too bad that God hates Michigan.


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If you pull two guys into the back court, it's 3 on 3 instead of 5 on 3 by the basket. They lob it down court and can put up a much better shot than a 40-foot jump shot with Stu's hand in his face. Most people don't make that shot before a half without the hand in their face. It wasn't an issue with the defensive scheme. It was an issue with statistical anomalies.


March 14th, 2010 at 2:03 PM ^

"They lob it down court and can put up a much better shot than a 40-foot jump shot with Stu's hand in his face"

1) Stu's hand is hardly in his face...
2) Lobbing it downcourt takes time...it forces them to actually react to something as opposed to dribbling down court and taking the best shot possible. Passing the ball up court causes time to tick off the clock...they have time to catch and fire w/o really setting themselves or look at the basket.

Yes it was still a tough shot, but the bottom line is that it was the easiest shot they possibly could've been given all things considered. We did nothing to make the shot more difficult. That is an issue w/ the defensive scheme. Say he has 30% chance of making that shot....we did nothing to lower that and we were more than able. Didn't make him change direction, didn't make him pass the ball, didn't legitimately get a hand in his face. THAT was a defensive shortcoming....no way around it.

Michigan Arrogance

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re: point 2)

the clock doesn't start until it's touched. so, letting a long pass to the other half of the court gives them *more* time to set up a shot that is *closer* to the goal.

Also, advancing the ball by passing takes less time than advancing via dribbling the ball. it's physics.

with 2.2 left to play, you want them to get the ball in the backcourt and have just one guy advance it. that takes up the most time. under that scenario, the BEST shot they can get is a 40 foot runner.


March 14th, 2010 at 6:01 PM ^

Thank for playing captain obvious...the argument is what to do once the ball is inbounded in the back court. I won't even address the prayer it would be to heave a 'length of the court' pass, complete it, and get a good shot.

My point, which I thought this was clear, was that once the ball is inbounded why the hell did our whole team drop back? Turner can't pass at that point because there is no time. We allowed him to do the only thing he could....dribble as close as possible w/o a change in direction and get the absolute best shot they could've hoped for.

Options to play better defense:

1) put a man on the ball, this possibly forces a more lax pass to turner (or whomever) and takes up time making there eventual shot longer.
2) front turner, this doesn't allow turner to catch the ball in full stride so he can get w/n 40 ft.
3) bring another man up so we can switch on the eventual screen (see results in 1 or 2)
4) put someone w/ more length/athleticism than Stu so if that is our only hope to slow turner down we might actually pull it off.
5) I don't necessarily agree w/ this, but completely overplay and keep a safety back...it gives them no easy pass and forces them to make a play.

My point still stands that our defensive set on that last play was throwing in the towel and hoping turner doesn't make that shot. We did nothing to reduce his chances of making it. That is poor basketball...

But thanks for the quick lesson in basketball.


March 15th, 2010 at 3:43 PM ^

I wasn't referring to a pass once the ball was inbounds. You are the only one talking about that.

Beilein was on the radio this morning saying that the play call was suppose to force them to inbound it in the back court then they were supposed to pressure him more so he couldn't get so close, only the pressure didn't get applied how it was supposed to.

Also, this is about as close to a hand in the face that you are going to get without sending him to the line for 3 free throws. That's why Beilein had Stu there instead of a younger player.


March 12th, 2010 at 2:38 PM ^

Which is why always basing it on the percentages, and not the situation = FAIL.

PSU can play conservative and punt rather than go for it because they know against the team they're playing, they're getting the ball back in dandy position. New England has to go for it because they're giving the ball back to Peyton Manning anyway.

Here you're giving the game winner to the PotY.

And in any regard, I bet his percentages go up when you put a guy so short on him it's effectively uncontested than a contested shot.


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I really don't have anything, I can't believe it, I really can't. Why didn't we put pressure on him on the in bounds and make him take some kind of off balance shot or something? WHY!?!?!?!?!

Then I remember - this is Michigan Sports 2009-2010 and that explains everything :(

Flying Dutchman

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typing this comment is what is keeping me from walking out of my office on to the street and assaulting the first person wearing red.

How the FUCK do you let Evan Turner get that fucking shot off???? WHAT????? Fuck.


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...Did anyone else see the OSU coach walking towards the Michigan bench talking smack after the game? It looked like he had to be pushed back by the ref. What a d-bag.


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should've hired one of them. We need to go back to the win-at-all-costs approach and flout NCAA rules again.


//but still, not tremendously happy with JB right now

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Why would you not put Gibson on the ball and make it a difficult pass. No man on the ball lets him hit turner in stride. Make him make a tougher pass!!!


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We played like a tournament team today. That's more than what 99.9% of us expected. After we finish stringing every swear word in the English dictionary together, we should cheer this team for one hell of an effort against a team that's expected to go very far in the tournament.


March 12th, 2010 at 2:05 PM ^

That was just bad coaching. Pure and simple. Like Thad said, "They didn't press like we were expecting them to." That is what most coaches would do. It was a nice comeback though. I have to give Michigan props for coming from behind and making it a game after being down by double digits.

The Nicker

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I guess we're due for a ridiculous string of success and good fortune somewhere in the future. Let's get all the dong punching out of the way this year. Who's up for a last second MSU game-winning goal on Sunday?


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I think you play Manny on turner... one on one... just press him. Still though, I mean Turner had to make that shot.

Michigan should become a Catholic institution...


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Im sorry but what in the hell are we doing not guarding anybody with 2 sec. to go? We let them inbound ball with no one in his face? Then let Turner dribble up the court unguarded? Four Players under OSU basket..WTF?

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Is there some sort of burning icon ritual we can do? Or send Bo's corpse to the "Lost" island to get reincarnated? Or re-hire Gary Moeller? Something, please something.

I'm going to read the Book of Job now for hints on how to deal with this.