Michigan has HUGE Upset over Ohio State

Submitted by M-Wolverine on November 22nd, 2010 at 1:01 PM


It happens-


It seemed just as unlikely then as it does now. It's happened before. It can happen again.


(GIGANTIC HT to WolverineHistorian, who is just like, WOW, the keeper of Michigan History in the modern age).



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An inferiority complex has set in around here.  It will take our best game of the season to do it, but that's all it is - one game.  We don't have to beat them four times out of seven.


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Thanks M-Wolverine. Thanks WolverineHistorian. Hell yes we can do this. We said before the year our O could keep us in any game this year. They didn't against Wiscy - but I believe our boys will play the game of their lives Saturday.

Enough with this emo crap. We are Michigan, for jiminy's sakes. GO BLUE! BEAT THE BUCKEYES!


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The first few drives on offense are huge.  If we can put points on the board rather than waste opportunities to score (like against MSU) or hand the ball to a defensive lineman for a TD (like Tate did last year against OSU) it really changes the dynamic of the game.

All the pressure is on them and I don't trust Pryor to trade punches consistently in a shootout with Denard.  If we have to dig out of an early hole it is a different story, but if we jump on them early and keep it close until the end I do think we've got a shot to finally steal a high scoring game.


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The common theme in Michigan's 4 Big Ten losses?

Lack of offense in the first half.

Michigan only put up 10 against MSU, 7 against Penn State, 7 against Iowa, and 0 against Wisconsin in the first half.

Our offense has to come out ALIVE and start putting points on the board immediately.  The tone was set against Illinois with Denard's TD pass only 14 seconds into play.  He hit a wide open Roundtree for a TD and the offense never let up, scoring 31 first half points.


November 22nd, 2010 at 2:20 PM ^

If we let Tressel Tressel-ball us the whole game like the Wisconsin second half, it's ugly. If we score early and often, get him way out of his comfort zone, and he does stuff he doesn't like (read: Pryor throwing) maybe the D goes back to the first half of the season D that stunk, but created some turnovers, and makes it a game.

Assuming JT doesn't pull out his once a decade Troy Smith in a spread for the first time surprises on us. But I can't imagine we've played well enough to put any sort of scare in him that would cause the game plan to differ from run left, run right, run Pryor.


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I was there in '95 and '96.  A front row seat and saw the game from field level as a band member. Great games, no doubt.  One thing that these teams had in common was a great defense.  You knew, watching these teams, that UM always had a chance with their D.  Not so much the case in 2010.  It's going to get ugly in Columbus this year.

The Name

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I though "HUGE" was implying that similarly named sports radio host Bill Simonson had made one of his legendary (you get it? his son is named Legend! Who the hell names thier kid Legend anyway? Is that even a name?) predictions.


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All of the reporters keep asking the players "How old were you the last time Michigan beat ohio state?" 

So f'ing degrading/annoying.  How about the '90s?  Huh?  osu only one 2 games in the 12 years between '88 and 2000.

F the press and F osu.

Spoof Football

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F the press for reporting that Michigan is lousy. Too bad the whole world can't just read MGoblog and nothin' elts. That would be great!

The they'd ALL think the future is so bright they need sunglasses, and learn that excusing failure IS an option in life!


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We've already stolen some high-scoring games, but only against relatively weak opposition.

You're right about getting points early. It doesn't help that we're still not that experienced at the skill positions on offense, and if you mix in a freshman OL like Lewan who's had his share of mistakes, our inexperience is really killing us early, like Denard's bad INTs against MSU, or the WR drops in the first half against Wisky. Depending on young players in pressure situations against good teams is never the ideal situation.


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...Try being the football coach at Michigan in mid-August, when the temperatures regularly hit 90 degrees, and the players are practicing twice a day instead of hitting the beach with other guys their age. Try making them smile then. During just such a day, Lloyd Carr won over these Wolverines with some Popsicles and what has become a buzz phrase to every player. “We were all dying out there, said center Rod Payne. ”Coach Carr blows the whistle and waves his hand for us to run over. A dune buggy full of Popsicles drives up, and they hand them out. Lloyd looks at us and has that smile on his face, and says, ‘Where else would you rather be?’ “

Tha Stunna

November 22nd, 2010 at 2:53 PM ^

We have a decent chance to pull off a fourth quarter comeback if it's close.  Tressel has sometimes shown he will sit on a two score lead, and if he tries to run out the clock and we get a stop, we have a pretty decent shot.  Not anywhere near a 50-50 shot, but it's a lot better than nothing.  Whatever happens, we need time for Denard to run the ball, instead of being forced into passing near the end.

I think RR will have some nice trick plays ready for this year.  One could argue that this is RR's first team (in the style he wants), and 1969 worked pretty well for Bo's first team...


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We have to match the intensity of 90,000 truckers, come out and hit them like Mike Tyson used to!! We have the offense that can make big plays, I would love to be in practice this week and see the intensity building every day! GO BLUE!! ALL IN!!


November 22nd, 2010 at 4:08 PM ^

Yes, I understand the historic significance of the '69 win, and yes the upsets in the early/mid nineties were certainly unexpected, but all of those Michigan teams were very good, had lost close games, and had better-than-average defenses.


Only way I see Michigan pulling it off is if the offense starts hot.  Against Iowa and Wisconsin, Michigan did not score until they were down three or four scores. 


November 22nd, 2010 at 7:05 PM ^

That was a tremendous Rod Payne quote posted by M-Wolverine about the dune buggy full of popsicles, and Lloyd Carr during practice...great stuff lad, great stuff...M GO BLUE!

P.S: Maybe Fitz can be our Ed Davis, and Hopkins our Che Foster (same number) this week against OSU going back to the 93' game