Michigan has #1 recruiting class on ESPN now.

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2. Texas

3. LSU

4. Florida

8. Notre Dame

13. Ohio State

14. Penn State

17. Northwestern

It's early, and the class size will be small, but I like our chances of ending with a top 3 class.  

I'm bored at work, so what the heck, here are our top remaining targets and rankings.

2. Jabrill Peppers. ATH

4. Da'Shawn Hand. DE

55. Alex Bars. OL

69. Malik McDowell. DL

75. Corey Holmes. WR

85. Artavis Scott. WR

87. Parker Westphal. CB


This is an interesting read for those that have ESPN insider.  





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I think his point is that LSU leads (or is in good position) for 6 consensus five stars right now (listed by 247 Composite rank--247 Crystal Ball in parentheses)

1. Leonard Fournette (90%)

3. Cameron Robinson (50%)

10. Tony Brown (100%)

16. Laurence Jones (100%)

32. Gerald Willis (100%)

35. Clifton Garrett (100%)

37. Malachi Dupre (100%) (second highest four-star)

If LSU lands that much talent as expected, they are going to be extremely difficult to pass. Although we are leading now, LSU will almost certainly pass us (same with Alabama).


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 Evaluations aren't even done 100%. ESPN puts most of their stock in the UA game, the opening and the elite 11. Player will rise and fall just like last year. Personally I don't see how anyone who say Vernon Hargreaves play in any of those events didn't have him as the top recruit in last years class.

Mr. Yost

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We've seen talent come and go, but I don't know if we've seen ELITE talent in abundance since 2006. That's 7 years ago.

With these classes we're getting, we're going to start seeing some great plays and playmakers on boths sides of the ball.

With Basketball also recruiting at a high level, it truly is great...to be...a MICHIGAN WOOOLVERINE.


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Man, I'm really impressed with how great ESPN is evaluating this cycle.

But seriously, I still don't think we have the #1 class in signing day; class will be too small.  If we get top-10 I'll be happy.  If we get top-5, then we're looking to have reeled in Hand, McDowell, Bars, Wesphal, Scott, etc...and that would be epic.


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I don't think we land all the big names we are in on (Hand, etc) but I think our class ends up around the top 5-10 again with 17-20 kids in it. We'll have about three or four 5*, the usual grouping of 4* solids and Hoke & Co unknown kids who somehow were unknown until we offered and are given the 3* "well, if a major program offered" bump kids. The usual suspects (Bama, LSU, osu, nd, UF, etc) will surge late as usual with the yearly SEC payday school shocker that is from here on out named the "Ole Miss Cash Money Recruiting Award" winner. We'll end up in or around the top 10 due to size and likely not landing all of the dream list we all have.


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Before 1993, Wisconsin was a perennial Big Ten doormat.  But Alvarez came in and turned things around, and they were able to sustain success under Bielema.  Now, most people view Wisconsin as a legitimate contender most every season.

Northwestern has been reasonably good for a number of years now.  They were very good under Gary Barnett, they were pretty good under Randy Walker, and now they are having success under Fitzgerald.  Now they are pulling in higher quality recruits, and they will be in the eminently winnable B1G West.  Northwestern probably hasn't reached Wisconsin's level of establishment yet, but it's worth noticing and discussing how close they are getting and what more they need to do.


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I see where you are coming from, and im not knocking them at all, I'm just saying going back a couple weeks ago when Tommy Doels committed to the wildcats there was damn near a "Hello" post welcoming him to the family. Ever since them there had been daily talk bout them. Come on now


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Chill man....


Its offseason, so raise your tolerance for things that aren't 100% maize and blue.  Besides, commenting on the relative success of a conference member in a post that calls out conference member rankings is fair game.


My $0.02: Enjoy your summer, have a beer, comment on things that interest you and ignore things that don't....


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It's cool to see them doing so well but in my eyes it was only a matter of time and money (facilities) under Fitzgerald. Yet, I could go an hour without a topic about them doing so well as it borders on patronization hiding in a shell of congratulations. Other than Fitzgerald's jump dance douche behavior last year, I like both he and NW. Yet, they were a hail mary amazing catch away from beating us last year and played us tough the year before and seemingly every year. Good for conference but they are an opponent like any other so I could do with less of the NW love around everywhere regarding UM athletics.


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Couldn't have said it better. Ive read and loved the blog for years and this is the first the first thread i decided to join and get pegged "trolling".. Its the off-season and any football talk is good talk right now, but there is a difference between showing loving and kissing ass

Cali Wolverine

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When referencing individual player rankings (even in a post about ESPN team rankings) you must give their 247 composite rankings! Now that that is out of way...thanks for thread.