Michigan going for 2 was the right call

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I contend that it was the right call to go for 2 against Rutgers when up 27-0.

When kicking extra points, Rutgers was overloading our right side.  They lined 7 up on our right, but would then pull an 8th man lined up on our left to try and create havoc and holes on our right.  Additionally another player lined up on our left would swing way around the end. 

In essence they were hitting our right with 8 men and only had 2 men to cover a large section just to the left of our center and their man swinging around our left flank.

Rutgers by overloading our right side to that extent had been inviting us to try an easy run.  We had to do it, to keep them honest on special teams.  We couldn't risk them blocking a kick.

Plus, they scheduled their New Jersey satellite camp the same day as ours with Ohio State.



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I thought this was also a fair way for Harbaugh to signal to Ash that he better keep his players engaged in the second half because Michigan was not going to let up.


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It seems like my neighbor wanted Harbaugh to call a time out and then send this message over to Ash under a white flag of truce:

Your honorable Ash,
I am aware, but not fully aware that you may be stacking the right side of our line on PATs, which has the impact of you sending 8 players against 4 or 5 of ours.  This could get our players injured or a kick blocked and returned.  We apologize for putting you into a situation where you were forced into making such a decision.  We plead for you to dictate terms on your conditions so that you will no longer be compelled to terrorize our line.

Your Obedient Servant,
-Coach Patty Cakes


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Very nice observation.  Interestingly, the NFL banned overloading one side a few years ago and John Harbaugh was one of the biggest advocates for it. It was getting offensive lineman hurt more than kicks were being blocked. No doubt that's what Jim saw.


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The year before Bo arrived, we trailed 48-14 late in Columbus. Ohio scores, Hayes goes for two. Makes it. 50-14 final. When Woody was asked why, he said "because I could". Get over it Rutgers. Get better players, coach me up, or go back to FCS level ball.

Bando Calrissian

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And there's the fact that the score was actually 50-14, OSU went for two because the kicker didn't get on the field, they realized it in the huddle, and just ran a random pass play to not pick up the penalty. And the conversion failed--the pass was overthrown.

It's gotten so mythologized over the years that even the people involved remember it incorrectly. There's some speculation that Woody never even said the famous line about it.


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There was an earlier game (1961?  '62?) which Woody also won by a bunch and went for a late 2-point conversion.  Some say he actually gave the "I couldn't go for three!" line after that game, and that it's been misremembered as being from '68.  

Alternatively, that quote could have just been made up.




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That was the year the Ohio State faculty senate turned down the Rose Bowl invitation, and Minnesota went two years in a row while the Pac-8 and the Big 10 continued to play without a Rose Bowl contract in effect.

Only two OSU players were kept off the field by injuries in 1961. That year was an encapsulation of Woody's best and worst tendencies.