Michigan Gameday watching bar in Toledo?

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I've searched the site, perused the google map/previous threads and looked at the alumni association website and had no luck.  Feel free to delete this if I simply didnt' search correctly or the question gets answered early in the thread.

Any fellow Toledo area fans know of a bar that is dedicated as a Mich watching joint?




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Definitely NOT Michigan friendly. I was there to wathc aOSU vs 'sconsin a few years back and bet a table of seniorsvdecked out in Buckeye necklaces and buttons $20 that they coupdn't sing the chorus of their fight song. The two women ran from the table, and afer 1 minute of hilarity, I walked away with my $20.


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Put it in the bar sticky thread.

HOWEVA, not to be a total jerk:

Toledo does not have any "Michigan" bars. the reason for that being Toledo is divided pretty much 50/50 Michigan and OSU fans. You will be treated right and ecounter other M fans at any bar in the city not specifically named "Buckeye Bar" or something similar. There are good options downtown, or in the Monroe/Talmadge area, or towards Airport Highway in Maumee. Seriously. Pick a bar. Any bar. You'll find Michigan fans there.

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Yeah, I figured as much (grew up here and moved back about a year ago), regarding the heavy osu fanbase/not wanting to alienate said fanbase.  I do see plenty of michigan fans at bars, but just can't look at osu fans while michigan plays and hear them actively root against us regardless of who we play.  Was hoping maybe the alumni assoc. had locked down spot that hadn't been posted to their site yet. 

I will say, it's great for the area to be so heavy on Tigers fans as the playoffs role around. 

Go Blue! 

If Toledo area Mgobloggers have any interest in finding a spot and calling it home for gameday, I am all for organizing that.




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Avoid Dale's in Maumee, it is very Ohio based.  Shit on the walls and such.  They won't be total dicks but the one time i did head in there for a game the Ohio fans made it a little annoying.  

Someone mentioned Shawn's, this is one of my favorites.  


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and it's true, a LOT of buckeye stuff on the walls, however, I wouldn't avoid it.  I have watched UM and UT games in there and never was bugged about wearing UM stuff.  Food's good and they've got a decent tap selection.  they'll always have B10 and MAC games on.

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I don't know that there are any dedicated Michigan bars; the new casino has a pretty decent sports bar though, and it has some good restaurants.  I'm sure there will be plenty of blue fans there.  At the very least if something goes REALLY right or REALLY wrong on Saturday, you'll be in a place where the degree of celebration or humiliation, respectively, could be exacerbated considerably.  Coming off of the bye and looking at the new o-line we trotted out after the half two weeks ago, I'm leaning heavily towards the former.  



(Casino is right off I75) 


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Nick and Jimmys on Monroe, distillery or trotters on Heatherdowns, and star bar on Monroe are all good. star bar has best food. all have good beer selections.

Perd Hapley

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I am a huge UM fan and I am a regular at Dales in Maumee. It is a great place to watch any games even Michigan. The OSU fans there are nice and it is an enjoyable place to watch the games as long as the OSU game is not on at the same time. Jeds might be an ok place too.


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Sidelines in Lambertville is probably as close as you are going to get for a sports bar in the Toledo area that is more Michigan than any other team.    I won't go overboard and say food is fantastic but its pretty good for bar food.


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Not too fond of Dale's in general. If you're doing Maumee, Village Idiot is a better bar.
I'm closer to Central. Therefore, Frogtown is at the top of my list. Mulvaney's Bunker is a fine choice as well on Dorr.

I'm always game to watch with other Michigan fans, my fiancé is a damn state fan...