Michigan friendly places in Boston, MA

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I'm moving to Boston in january (have a place or looking for a roommate? please let me know!), and I want to me able to cheer among friendlies. I've never acutally been to Boston, and am looking for some bars to head to during basketball season, and hopefully the bowl game.





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Short Summary:

The Michigan Alumni Club has the entirity of Sweet Caroline's in Fenway for games and this is by far the most popular and enthusiastic crowd for Michigan football and the occasional basketball game.

They do the same for Tavern in the Square (affectionately known as TITS) in Porter Square in Cambridge though it doesn't generally draw as big of a crowd.


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Was at Sweet Caroline's for the basketball game when we lost to Ohio in the tourney. Cool place, good service. Would highly recommend it. I don't remember prices being bad either for Downtown Boston. 

Also their urinal cakes have Ohio State and Michigan State logos on them!


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I went to school outside of boston, and watched most games at the Tavern in the square in porter square. It's been a few years, but they always had a strong M turnout.


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Is the place. Went through town with my family and caught a game there. Whole place was taken over by UofM fans. Waitresses even. Good food and viewing but get there early to get seat. Alumni boards have game schedules.


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Second all of the others who say this is the place to go.  

Because the whole bar is taken over with UM fans during football games and big basketball games, it really is an exciting environment. 


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I live in Attleboro (commence Aaron jokes). DirectTV is fighting with ABC so It's been blacked out for two weeks now, I might have to leave the cave to watch the game. Thanks for the Bar info.


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We've been really trying to get gamewatch events going down in Providence (also through the alumni association). We have nowhere near the population of Boston and it has been rough winning bars over, but we'll be at Hanley's in downtown Providence for the M-MSU game this weekend with somewhere between half a dozen and 20 people (and sound). We'd love to increase the group size.


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The owner (Gary) was tricked into demolishing the place by a guy that was a part time magician and a night court judge. It was tragic. Gary's had a pretty good basketball team.


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I've found the Boston game watching experience is better attended (and more crowded), with a slightly younger/louder crowd than in Cambridge.  I've only seen the games when the Boston game-watching event was at a bar called The Place, but Sweet Caroline's is on a strip in Boston with several rowdy, beer-on-the-floor, early-post-college sports bars near Fenway.  I've been told it's a bit more devoted to Michigan (waitstaff with Michigan shirts, etc.).

I've been to Tavern in the Square in Cambridge many times.  It fills up, but you can generally get a table if you're there in reasonable time.  I agree with the person who said smaller attendance, and it's a bit more chill.  They reserve a section of the place, play the fight song at touchdowns, put up Michigan banners, etc.  To their great discredit, however, I went there for the basketball national championship game, and the bar had been divided half-half between Michigan fans and Louisville fans.  That's completely unacceptable for a 'Michigan bar.'  As Michigan was going down at the end of the game, Michigan fans had to endure a celebration in their own place by Louisville. 


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Parking impossible near Sweet Caroline's. (SC). Tavern on Square (TOS) has a large lot behind with validated parking. Both easily accessible by T. SC gets crowded fast - be sure to get there very early for a table. Otherwise you're standing at bar. TOS will fill up but not so quickly and there are usually seats @ back. Food and service good at both. Personally spend more time @ TOS because of ease of parking and driving.


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About 20 years ago, the UM Club of Greater Boston actually had a joint game watching party with tOSU. It sucked. Whoever was running the Michigan group at the time showed up with his kids in a stroller for a quarter and then left. Clearly had no clue. Also, a UM v tOSU game about 7-8 years ago at an overflow Irish bar near The Place had a manager wearing a buckeyes shirt. So, could be worse.


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I have an apartment I'm looking to fill a room in, and seeing as I'm in the process of considering posting the room's availability on craigslist, I figure I could do a whole lot worse than a fellow Wolverine. Email me at n.repole (at) gmail.com if you're legitimately looking for a place in the greater Boston area.