Michigan in France

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Sounds like a really great trip and something on my bucket list to see Normandy.  Didn't know this before but Coach Beilein is the nephew of one of the Niland brothers KIA.  For those who don't know Saving Private Ryan was about the Niland brothers.



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Building some solid memories non football related. Can believe other schools aren't doing this for their football teams. The amount if revenue generated easily pays for a trip like this.

swan flu

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Normandy is one of the most powerful places on Earth and one of the few places I've ever been that will stay with me forever.

It is so cool that this team gets to experience that together.


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Thanks for the links.  Unfortunately, the clips posted by Chris Balas have way too much wind interference that distorts the audio.  Someone needs to buy him a wind muff for his microphone. The clips posted by The Michigan Insider have much better audio.


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France is a failed country but damn does it have beautifal countryside. Can see why harbaugh went there

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Nothing screams “failed state” like having one of the world’s highest standards of living, one of the best health systems in the world and five weeks of guaranteed vacation time for all workers.

They do go on strike a lot though, the jerks.