Michigan football videos: post your favorites

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I know you all do this too. During the offseason, I like to seek out my favorite Michigan football videos, just to give me a tiny slice of Michigan until September returns to us. So I thought I'd start this thread off with this video I've found from Under the Lights. Enjoy. Can't wait to see what you all post to see if anyone has any of the same favorites.

EDIT: Embed didn't work. Here's link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9QfGEAKHbM&feature=related



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Does it bother no one else that Brian doesn't say "eleven" and just says "National Championships"? It's the same in all the hype videos he shows up in, but no one else seems to do it.  Does he not like the number 11? Did they not know how many NCs Michigan had won and the time of recording? What is the story?

On another note, gotta agree with go16blue.  The entire video is great, but when Hoke says "This is Michigan fergodsakes"...chills.


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Sad, but still awesome

Oldies but Goodies

Best of '10

Best of '11

Poor Don Criqui



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I'm gonna go on a tagent for a moment. A friend of mine always argues with me about whether we'd rather beat Notre Dame or Michigan State more (behind Ohio obviously). He feels MSU is a bigger rival and I feel Notre Dame is. Which made me wonder if this was a product of when we became Michigan fans. I started watching Michigan when I was about 8 years old, in the mid-1990s. He started when he was a freshman at Michigan in 2009. I wonder if the time frame of when you start watching Michigan determines if you hate Notre Dame or MSU more.

Anyways, that leads me to another thought. More a story rather. Before the Under the Lights game, I was walking through the golf course to head into the stadium. I stopped to go to the bathrooms, and this Notre Dame fan looks at me in my #16 jersey and says "I can save you 3 hours of your life. Notre Dame 31, Michigan 3." I took a few verbal shots at Notre Dame, how we had won 3 of 4 (four of five now jerk), and then walked away. Well, at least he got Notre Dame's score right haha.

ND Sux

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in the late '60s...I was maybe 7 or 8.  Back then not many games were on TV (no ESPN X5)...if you were lucky, there may be three games on a Saturday.  But ND was always replayed on Sunday morning...BARF BARF BARF.  I started hating those bastards back then, and for that reason, and never stopped.  See my tag line. 

I treasure a win over ND way more than a win over MSU (although MSU fans piss me off a lot more, mmmmkay?). 


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Anything by Wolverine Historian, seriously has every good Michigan video up on youtube. I know you're on this blog to, so Internet High Five!


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The game, the play, the player, and the call. There are so many great videos, but "hello Heisman" never fails to send a chill down my back. Keith Jackson too, a bonus.

Following that, Bob Griese's coverage of the '97 Rose Bowl. How he stayed as composed as he did was beyond impressive. Oh yeah, Keith Jackson too, a bonus.

Number 7

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I haven't seen a clip of it, but I do remember, at the end of the game, Keith saying something like "And if you want to cry now, Bob, it'd be OK" 


[EDIT -- and now I have seen a clip, thanks to M-Wolverine's post below.  It is at 4:00 of the last 1998 Rose Bowl clip, when, shortly after Brian Griese is named game MVP, Bob says "You about lost me" and Kieth replies, "I can't blame you.  you want to cry, go ahead."]


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They played a slightly modified version of this during the UTL game, and now whenever I hear the song "All of the Lights" i get chills thinking about that game.  (Actual warning, I could see this video triggering epilepsy, so be careful if you have it)

ALSO This is a personal favorite:


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A subscriber asked me to make this video long ago.  I fear vids like this will anger the football GODS and come back to bite you on the ass so I'll most likely remove it before next year's game.  But here are memorable plays against Notre Dame:


NOLA Wolverine

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I'd say this is a good enough reason to watch the '06 Michigan v. Wisconsin game until I find the play where Leon Hall stops PJ Hill dead in his tracks at the first down marker on a 3rd and 15 to force a punt...