Michigan football videos

Submitted by goblue85 on July 8th, 2012 at 8:22 PM

I really enjoy the videos on youtube with mgovideo channel..    They are top notch and very thankful as michigan fans we get to enjoy these!!    Any new ones coming out in the future?    2012 will be here soon cant wait!



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I was hoping to open this thread to some videos loaded up and people sharing some of their favorite's. Instead its just another example of how the blog has changed and is full of assholes and people who have nothing better to then ridicule and point out stupid grammar mistakes on peoples post. Sorry your post was taken over by these douchbags.


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BiSB I have a legal question for you completely unrelated to this all-important thread about Youtube videos.  In the Storm Klein dismissal thread you stated (and I'm paraphrasing here) that there are "rules" in getting an unwanted and unwelcome female visitor from your home.  Does that mean then if a female burglar enters my home and refuses to leave I have to wait until the police arrive to deal with the intruder?  If I were to toss said female burglar out on her head could i then be charged with Domestic Violence because there are "rules" in getting a tresspasser out of your home if they are of the non-male persuasion?



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I don't know if it's my computer that makes the font look that way but the C and the L are very close (edit: looks like it's some wierd font you're using, it doesn't happen here) together. It took me a while to see that you typed "c l i c k" and "c l i p". I kept rereading your comment to make sense of it.

True Blue in CO

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this coupled with the Dawson freakout the other day shows how much we need the season to start. Just a few more weeks until Team 133 officially gets back to work.


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The 2011 michigan/ohio game will be on tonight on espnu 1030 for their top 25 games from 2011 special.   That game came in at 22.  The night game would have to be a top 5?   You can bet the number one game will be LSU vs Alabama.  freakin SEC> 

El Jeffe

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Does the OP have a degree from Michigan from 1985, making him or her approximately 49 years old? Or was the OP 85 when he or she joined? Or does the OP have an IQ of 85? Or is the OP a fan of both Michigan and the wide receiver f/k/a Chad Johnson?

So many questions. So little interest.


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All the criteria for a shitty board post was there exclamation points, no link, or information but it was missing the all important GO BLUE!! at the end. Then I saw the user name and the shitty post trifecta was complete. Would have like to see some lols peppered in there but other than that you nailed it.


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Been a fantastic post if this were Mlive...thanks for sharing...did you know my neighbor has a Michigan flag hanging on his porch??? I love it so much!