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For STARTERs, UM . . . BROs, who reMEMBERS ONLY those Michigan hype videos that came before Luke D’Mello’s? No one, of KORS.
CONVERSEly, if you need a Michigan hype video, PUCCI trust in Luke D’Mello. HILFIGER out how to make it great. He’s the BOSS of ABBOUD all the best Michigan hype videos on YouTube. Michigan fans couldn’t be PRADA him.


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First off thanks everyone glad you guys enjoyed the video

I work for Disney right now at MK so my life has been consumed with work work work I dont get home most days from anywhere from 3-5am and just relax most of the next day till I go into work.  (If anyone wants to stop by and say whats up feel free I work at the Emporium) Over the last 2 weeks ive had 2 days off and have been working on this video for a while and with my only 2 days off ive put in full days and even nights to get this video up for you guys. Thanks again for the support and #GoBlue 

Bo's Hat 41

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That was incredible. Absolutely incredible. 14 more days. That's how long until Michigan Football is back. I see a great year this year, the next, and everyone after that. GO BLUE!!!