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After freaking thinking about it for long and since offseason is sloooow, I've decided to link this article I found yesterday, it's from chatsports and our doubted Ace Williams, but at least it's not about recruiting.

Please delate if not appropiate

Here are some nuggets:


Rumor: Al Borges is planning to run a hybrid pro-style/spread-option offense this fall.

Rumor: Several of the slot receivers will be asked to move positions this fall.

Rumor: Drew Dileo is turning heads.

Rumor: Tom Brady plans to come back for a game this fall and stand on the sideline.

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The last 2 "notes" or "thoughts" in the article, since no one seems to have gotten a hold of them

Rumor: Darryl Stonum to be suspended for 4 games and then be evaluated by the coaches. The coaches have also privately discussed suspending him for the year and allowing him to come back.


Rumor: Players are getting JACKED up in the weight room. The problem with Mike Barwis’ methods is that he didn’t prep guys to take on a 335lb Wisconsin o-lineman.



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Kicking field goals in practice one thing, kicking in front of 109,901 fans, into the hypnotic glow that is one of two Colossus Go Wolverine Scoreboards, might be a little different. Just hope the freshman kicker has a pimp leg.


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IMO, best way to do it is to start by watching the MMB Drumline Stepshow at its announced time (~1h before gametime, announced the week of) at Revelli Hall.  Shortly thereafter, the entire band comes out for inspection and steps off for the stadium.  The band going to the stadium is a good time to either go along with them or book on ahead to go find your seat.  There is usually enough time to watch warmups (though not all of them obviously), catch the band taking the field, the star spangled banners, and kickoff of course. 

If you're nervous about not seeing enough of the warmups, leave right after the drumline stepshow is over. 

If you're really hardcore, go watch the band rehearse at the announced time that morning.  (As early as 8, usually closer to 10 for 3:30 games.

Keep in mind some of this information is a little stale.. It's been a few years and I haven't been around for a Victors Walk, for instance.


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Oh wow. (this is referencing most of the posts above yours, not just yours)

Anyone else that reads this board that was one of the kids coming in around kick off, who had been imbibing beverages for the previous 2-4 hours (depending on how late friday night went)?  I sure hope so.  


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'Cause I'm an usher and I usually get stuck holding the "yes, this is the end of your line" sign since I haven't been doing it as long as the others I work with. Thankfully, working in the student section, I get to watch all the warmups and pregame band whatnot until about 10 minutes before kickoff. That's when they all try to pile in.

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It all depends on where your seats are.  If you are up close, then they might tell you that is there seat and tell you to move.  With student tickets, ushers only look at the section, not the row number or anything, so as long as you can get into the student section through your section you can move down until you are comfortable and not in anyone's way.

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Never mind all that. Is anybody concerned that OSU might flip any of our commits now that it appears they are going to get a slap on the wrist from the NCAA?


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No. It might mean we can't flip Dunn, but the rest seem solid. I would worry, however, if I were Sparty. OSU has whiffed on all their top OL prospects, which means they are likely to circle back and offer McGowan. And Pittman is a "Sparty No" moment waiting to happen. If OSU gets its sanctions in November and they are no more than a few schollies and a one year bowl ban, McGowan and Pittman will kick Sparty to the curb without a second thought.

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I'm pretty sure most of those aren't rumors.. Borges' (s's?) offense has been said to be a hybrid and we just won't use that many slot receivers so obviously they're gonna change positions.

And didn't Dileo impress the coaches in spring ball? Or was that Gallon?

A lot of alums come back, so it wouldn't be a stretch to see Brady make it back for a game, especially now that Hoke is coaching


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It is okay.  I wasn't sure what he meant, but this is my best guess.

1)  Stonum and other players have been stolen from us.  I can't believe that players getting kidnapped is not bigger news.


2)  Stonum and other players are getting bigger.  As our good friend Tate used to say, "They are getting swoll."