Michigan football over the scholarship limit? [Ed-S: no.]

Submitted by Blue boy johnson on February 7th, 2013 at 3:43 PM

Unless I am mistaken Michigan is two over the 85 scholarship limit as I type today.

Some combination of attrition, RS SR's not coming back, or current signees not getting admitted, adding up to two, must occur relatively soon.

I am counting Sypniewski amongst the 87.

[Ed-S: Two guys aren't returning because of injury. Out of respect for them I ask that you not speculate on the board. EDIT 2: And lo people speculated. Locked. Sorry.]

current 2013 scholarship football players:

1 Kyle Bosch OL FR
2 Jake Butt TE FR
3 Taco Charlton DE FR
4 David Dawson OL FR
5 Reon Dawson ATH FR
6 Ross Douglas DB FR
7 Jaron Dukes WR FR
8 Chris Fox OL FR
9 Ben Gedeon LB FR
10 Derrick Green RB FR
11 Delano Hill DB FR
12 Khalid Hill TE FR
13 Maurice Hurst Jr. DT FR
14 Da'Mario Jones WR FR
15 Patrick Kugler OL FR
16 Jourdan Lewis DB FR
17 Mike McCray LB FR
18 Shane Morris QB FR
19 Henry Poggi DT FR
20 Dan Samuelson OL FR
21 Wyatt Shallman ATH FR
22 Deveon Smith RB FR
23 Channing Stribling DB FR
24 Scott Sypniewski OL FR
25 Dymonte Thomas DB FR
26 Logan Tuley-Tillman OL FR
27 Csont'e York WR FR
28 Matthew Godin DE RS FR
29 Jehu Chesson WR RS FR
30 Erik Magnuson OL RS FR
31 Ben Braden OL RS FR
32 Willie Henry DT RS FR
33 Kyle Kalis OL RS FR
34 Blake Bars OL RS FR
35 Tom Strobel DE RS FR
36 Kaleb Ringer LB RS FR
37 Chris Wormley DE RS FR
38 Jeremy Clark DB RS FR
39 Drake Johnson RB RS FR
40 Allen Gant DB RS FR
41 A.J. Williams TE SO
42 Amara Darboh WR SO
43 Ondre Pipkins DT SO
44 Mario Ojemudia DE SO
45 Royce Jenkins-Stone LB SO
46 Sione Houma FB SO
47 Joe Bolden LB SO
48 Dennis Norfleet RB SO
49 Jarrod Wilson S SO
50 Devin Funchess TE SO
51 James Ross III LB SO
52 Terry Richardson DB SO
53 Keith Heitzman DE RS SO
54 Jack Miller OL RS SO
55 Chris Bryant OL RS SO
56 Antonio Poole LB RS SO
57 Russell Bellomy QB RS SO
58 Blake Countess DB RS SO
59 Justice Hayes RB RS SO
60 Brennen Beyer DE JR
61 Frank Clark DE JR
62 Matt Wile PK JR
63 Desmond Morgan LB JR
64 Thomas Rawls RB JR
65 Delonte Hollowell DB JR
66 Raymon Taylor DB JR
67 Jordan Paskorz TE RS JR
68 Jake Ryan LB RS JR
69 Richard Ash DT RS JR
70 Kenny Wilkins DT RS JR
71 Josh Furman S RS JR
72 Jibreel Black DT SR
73 Will Hagerup P SR
74 Jeremy Jackson WR SR
75 Devin Gardner QB SR
76 Drew Dileo WR SR
77 Courtney Avery CB SR
78 Marvin Robinson S SR
79 Taylor Lewan OL RS SR
80 Quinton Washington DT RS SR
81 Michael Schofield OL RS SR
82 Brendan Gibbons PK RS SR
83 Thomas Gordon S RS SR
84 Fitzgerald Toussaint RB RS SR
85 Mike Jones LB RS SR
86 Jeremy Gallon WR RS SR
87 Cameron Gordon LB RS SR




February 7th, 2013 at 4:11 PM ^

I know it's exciting to get 4 star guys to commit and commit early, but keeping an eye on the 85 limit is what we do in the B1G.  I feel bad for the 2 guys who get cut to make room for the two extra guys signed in this class.


February 7th, 2013 at 4:20 PM ^

Next time don't skip over the comments and mod edits before posting.  Nobody is being "cut" , genius, so nothing looks even remotely bad.  The coaches didn't just sign as many as they could without having places for people - that's what the SEC does. 


February 7th, 2013 at 6:20 PM ^

I'm keeping an eye on it. People are mostly behaving.

BiSB you are like Clark Kent in Superman II after he did the light show thing and lost his powers, and now every time you pick a fight with a dude at a truck driver's stop in Saskatchewan you get blood on your lips and are all like "Blood...my blood."

Then the President comes on TV and General Zod is standing behind him. And suddenly you realize this metaphor could have ended like a paragraph ago and still gotten the same point across, but don't really care because in this metaphor you are Superman.


February 7th, 2013 at 4:15 PM ^

Question: if we're 2 over right now and there are 16 seniors AND everyone is saying we'll have 16 schollies next year (ie, the seniors before attrition), then wouldn't we have to assume that someone other than seniors (ie, Hagerup and Mike Jones) will be gone to get us to 85? Because if we think it's Hagerup and Jones then that would still only give us 14 spots next year. My head hurts.


February 7th, 2013 at 6:06 PM ^

I do not wish for any names, but I would like a little clarification on the "not returning due to injury." I am assuming it will be two guys that do not get their 5th year because of injury?


February 7th, 2013 at 6:36 PM ^

roster should have 85 legitimate scholarship guys this fall.

Not slighting the 7 walk-ons that earned 1-year scholarships last August, but our roster was thin (OL and TE in particular).


February 7th, 2013 at 7:23 PM ^

Why is this such an issue for everyone? On the ohio state sites i go to they are worried wether or not we are at or under 82 (which supposedly we are at 82 and thus johnny townsend went to florida) but my point is Alabama and co. in the sec has won how many national championships in a row? And it's because they dont give a damn how many kids they have until they have to be at 85 so why should we? I mean i want to believe that the B1G is a cleaner conference that does things by the "rules" but if the SEC has been oversigning then it obviously isnt against the rules. Face it they are the best conference in football and i'm sick of hearing about the SEC. I just feel that if it's ok for them to pick from 100 kids they gave scholarships to and then figure out a way to get to 85 the rest of the conferences should be able to do the same thing without feeling bad about it.