Michigan Football needs a new weight room

Submitted by mgofro on March 16th, 2016 at 7:53 PM

Brian mentioned this in the mailbag...

As for maximizing Michigan's resources, I literally cannot imagine what else Harbaugh could be doing to increase Michigan's recruiting profile and on-field fortunes.

How about getting a new weight room that can compete with the big boys. 



Our current weight room looks like an 80s basement compared to Alabama and Oregon.



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between image and bad assery. We lifted in a 20x20 cinderblock room with racks of dumbbells an olympic platform made of plywood, a dip rack , handfull of benches, flat and incline, a tray of chalk, and about 2000 pounds of weights...it wasnt about the ambiance, it was the anger and effort every day in that room...save the fancy health club for vacationing...we were pissed when they converted it to a lockerroom and moved us to Canham


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You act like for the last 8 years someone once a week has been publishing information suggesting there was a renovation of the weight room in 2008 instead of new weights.  One of the great misinformation campaigns of our time. 

This is literally the first time I've ever heard anyone even argue the distinction between renovation and new weights since the actual upgrade happened.



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Michigan Football doesn't need weights, they just drink milk and tell each other how great they have it. They are quite happy with this. I guess a 42-13 beat down at the end of the year is a price worth paying to not have to work lifting weights. They know that they need to leave the hard work and championship football habits to programs like OSU and MSU, it's not something UM is interested in, the results show this.

If anything I would expect Crazy Jim to get rid of the weights and fill the room with sleeping bags, this sounds much more likely.


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I'm one of those that liked the older look and feel of a weight room. I also really like the Rocky movies and always thought a weight room was a place to train, sweat, and possibly get tetanus. 

They just bought new weights a few years back. If any changes to the room I'm sure they were minor. I remember that my HS bought or was gifted several of the old machines and we had to go up there to get them.

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Maybe not the weight room on its own but if a recruit is big on the athletic complex/facilities in his decision the one we have certainly wont help our cause.

Will it alone make or brake any potential commits? No, but it does contribute to the big picture.

Granted, i think i remember hearing Harbaugh wanted his weight room bare bones... i can live with that :)


March 17th, 2016 at 7:17 AM ^

When you say this just think of Oregon and how much talk you hear about their connection with Nike and being the test bed and "Nike's campus". Google Oregon facilities, wait i have a link for you http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2013/7/31/4574556/oregon-football-building-new

Facilities are a huuuuuge deal. It's the place you'll spend the majority of your time on campus and you want to make sure that it's feels good, that you like it. 

It even mattered back in the day when Bo started coaching. If you recall the story about the players complaining about their locker room and Bo had to tell them that the bench that they were sitting on was special and that the nail on the wall that he hung his coat on is the same nail that Yost hung his coat on. My point wasn't that the nail or bench are special and the players should appreciate it, but it was on first glance the players didn't appreciate it. They had to be convinced.

It means a lot, first impressions and such.


March 17th, 2016 at 10:05 AM ^

complaining that the facilities they had in Miami (ntm) were better. 

Point still stands. I spent a lot of time in the ME help room and it was an all brick room with a bunch of tables and no windows. It wasn't a great place to be, but I was efficient as hell when I was in there. No looking off into the beautiful weather, no distractions, just business. 

And yes, it's probably a pretty rediculous comparison, but it's all this engineer has. 


March 16th, 2016 at 10:21 PM ^

neither does recruiting. Did you even click on the link to watch hthe Bama weight room tour? That's from 2013, gee, wonder why Bama with their 37,000 sq foot state of the art training facility keeps getting the number one ranked class every year. Time to call Mr Ross, Mr Twitter, Mr. Google, or Mr Glick and tell  them we need a 50,000 sq foot weighht training facility and we break ground tomorrow.


March 16th, 2016 at 8:00 PM ^

Ceilings look a bit on the low side at Mich, but besides that, I'd bank that the weight sets and equipment valuation at Big Blue are on par with the best. Lovely view at Oregon though.

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