Michigan football moving in on elite Florida commitment

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 31st, 2017 at 2:25 PM

In a Freep recruiting article this morning, Steven Lorenz writes about several high profile recruits Michigan is in on.

LINK:  Michigan football moving in on elite Florida commitment.

With the firing of McElwain at Florida, several of their commitments are reopening their recruitment. JaMarr Chase, a 5 star wide receiver from Louisianna currently ranked 25 overall in the country, is considering an official visit to Michigan. (4 of his 5 officials are already set.) EDIT:  Chase already holds a Michigan offer.

In addition, Lorenz writes that Butch Jones' days at Tennessee may be numbered. This would open things up for top 100 prospects Cade Mays on the OL and Greg Emerson on the DL. Lastly, if Mora is canned at UCLA, this could open things up for top 50 CB Olaijah Griffin. EDIT:  Neither Mays or Emerson are listed with an offer at 247, although Griffin holds one.  EDIT 2:  Trieu in a piece at the Detroit News adds OT Nicolas Petit-Frere, #42 4 star out of Florida, and Jalen Goss, 3 star, #826, out of Georgia, both with Michigan offers. Even though Petit-Frere is much higher in the rankings, both players hold an impressive list of elite offers. Sam Webb offers a great and encouraging quote:  "there are offensive line recruits committed to other schools that Michigan is pursuing but those names are not likely to surface until later in the process."

I would be cautious in assuming that Michigan's recruiting is tanking in this cycle. Both Michigan and Harbaugh are still rising, and behind the scenes, there are numerous recruits still in play for Michigan.

While it is unlikely, Michigan could still easily win out this year. (I expect they will win a minimum of two more games, more likely three, four unlikely.) Regardless, I would consider this performance a success, given all the new players. The amount of youth already on the field bodes well for the future, and is something potential recruits like to see.

I would echo others who feel that it is important to stay somewhere in the top 15 recruiting rankings. If you have a few key studs, along with top 15 recruiting year in and year out, it will pay off.

EDIT:  I choose not to take shots at anyone else who feels differently about Michigan's recruiting prospects. All I'll say is that I'm all in for Harbaugh and for Michigan, and that I fully expect the coaching staff to attack recruiting with an enthusiasum unknown to mankind.



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Don't forget they lost their starting QB in week 1, they're undefeated behind a backup QB who's a true freshman. His first start was their win at Notre Dame. They beat Florida and Tennessee by a combined score of 83-7. Neither of those teams is good, but there aren't many teams outside of Bama that are beating teams by that much. 

The Fan in Fargo

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Until they face Alabama in the SEC title game and get smoked. Comeon guys. If you haven't caught onto the little lie year after year how good the entire SEC is, you might never. If Michigan doesn't play the best game of the century and come out swinging while not letting up, it'll be Bama and the cheaters for the title. Bama winning it again. Notra Shame doesn't belong in the conversation but they might get lucky and make it in. Only to get spanked by the cheaters or Tide. Hope they choke one away here at the end. I have a great feeling they will.


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Isn't it well-known that Georgia has also gotten more "flexible" with its ethics with Kirby Smart at the helm?  E.g., shenanigans with a top recruit flipped to UGA at the last minute this past recruiting cycle. 

5th Van Tyne

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One of my father's friends has a son who works on Georgia's recruiting staff. He said that Georgia is nowhere even close to where Ole Miss was and he doesn't know of anything dirty in the slightest. Georgia's recruiting hasn't gotten better since Richt got fired, we're just reaching into the region more (so we'll lose more recruiting battles against them than we used to). He said they just floored Isaiah Wilson and changed his mind, nothing more to it.


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Right, and the whole idea of bagmen is that they are separated from the coaching staff for plausible deniability.  Wilson was in the mood to be 'floored' by the UGA staff after someone flashed some cash in his face beforehand.  That and his HS coach told him being floored would be good for both of them.


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Isn't that what we are hoping to do with the players mentioned in the post? Aren't we hoping to get a visit from these players and wow them with the visit and get them to flip to UM? I guarantee our staff isn't the only one that realized UF and UT are struggling and recruits may be looking around.


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Wilson was a heavy favorite to end up in Ann Arbor until just a few days before the trip when he visited Georgia who was no where near the top. Then after one visit decides to completely change course and go to UGA.. This is a situation where yes, a prospect was committed, but now might be losing their coach who they thought they would play for and very likely are looking for a way out. By all means one visit for them could change their mind and put their previous commitment behind them.


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This thread is mostly opinion based. Just because a recruit is thinking about visiting doesn't mean he will "commit" or even visit in the first place. You people really need to lay off on Maizen, he has a right to be upset about the class. It has been underwhelming at best.


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I somewhat agree with you:  Lorenz peddles opinions. However, he's a lot closer to what is happening than most of us. So maybe his opinions are just a bit more informed? Were Michigan to sign anyone of these four, we'd all be thrilled.

You'd have to be an idiot not to be disappointed in the 2018 class . . . so far. But we're a long way from being done with the class. I think the one thing I really wonder about is the assertion that "Michigan coaches aren't working hard enough." Where does that come from? I mean, the complaint from other quarters the first two years was that Harbaugh was crazy, and worked way too hard, was in the spotlight too much, etc., etc ., etc. Now we don't hear as much, and all of a sudden, Michigan coaches aren't working hard enough? That's ridiculous.


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They will claim this class is the beginning of the end to Saban's dynasty and Auburn is buying players and Kirby/Dabo should return as HC in Tuscaloosa.

They are bat-shit crazy fanatics. Why do you think Finebaum has had a daily talk show in Alabama for years?


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Yes. There is an early signing period, which in my opinion will make things interesting because of the jockeying for spots on a team. There will be lower ranked recruits who can sign and put pressure on the 4 and 5 star kids. Musical chairs in effect.


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Steve Wiltfong said on his podcast with Allen Trieu last week that Pep Hamilton "doesn't work hard on the recruiting trail" and Lorenz posted on his board "I'd be lying if I thought Tim Drevno was a fully effective recruiter." That's where my comments about getting out worked came from. It seems that Partridge, Jay Harbaugh, and Mattison do most of the heavy lifting on the recruiting trail. Either way, not sure why people are jumping down my throat because a few prospects may visit Michigan. Doesn't refute anything I posted in the other thread. I hope Michigan closes strong, but right now it doesn't look like they will. Maybe that changes, time will tell.