Michigan Football & Men's Basketball both Top-10 at the same time for the first time since 1992

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Both have a top-10 ranking while playing for the first time since December of 1992.

Michigan Football was coming off of their 5th straight Big Ten Championship and on the way to a victory in the Rose Bowl and the Fab Five were ranked #1 to begin the season. 

1992-93 saw a Rose Bowl Championship and Big Ten Championship in Football 

Another NCAA Regional Championship/Final Four trip by MBB

Another NCAA Frozen Four trip by Michigan Hockey. 



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I'll gladly take the layup. Things that happened in 1992:

  • Mall of America opens.
  • Cost of gas nationwide is $1.05/gallon.
  • Average home price is $122,500.
  • Gotti sentenced to life in prison.
  • First McDonald's opens in China (Beijing).
  • TWA declares bankruptcy.
  • Blue Jays beat the Braves in the WS.
  • Jordan beats the Blazers to win his second title in a row.
  • CDs pass cassettes as preferred medium for recorded music.
  • Carson hosts his last show.
  • Windows 3.1 released.
  • Natalie Cole's album Urforgettable wins best album Grammy.
  • Van Halen's Right Now video wins MTV best music video.
  • Silence of the Lambs won best picture, in a huge upset over Hot Shots!, Ski School, Drop Dead Fred, What About Bob, Naked Gun 2 1/2, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, and Hook .

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I was a second grader in 92. Van Halen's Right Now was that year? Yeah I think you're right. For like the last 15 years I thought that was popular in the mid to late 80's but now that I think about it, I remember all of those Pepsi commercials with Pepsi Clear(Crystal Pepsi) and that song. Stuff was gross. Man Michigan was popular back then though. Even over here in bum fuck Egypt. Everyone with a brain had Michigan gear. All of the devout religious families were Notra Dame fans. Losers.


Indy Pete - Go Blue

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Warde Manuel has subtly ushered in a golden era of Michigan sports - across the board.  He stood by Beilein when most fans were ready to give him up (fools!).  He has handled Harbaugh with a healthy distance, respect, and authority.  He has hired successful coaches for several non-revenue programs and has aptly maintained our superstar coaches by paying them and honoring them appropriately.  He was an incredibly successful AD @ Connecticut, so this is not a surprise to those who have been watching objectively and not listening to media to tell them what to think.  His accomplishments here cannot be overstated.


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Sorry to steal this thread. I don't have enough points. Just came across this gem. Amazing to see our boys grow not only on the field over the Fall, but also in their experience abroad. If you have seen All Or Nothing, it was a great documentary, but disappointing in the way we performed. Please take this time to reflect on where we came from only a few months ago.



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I was a Junior at Michigan that year!! 


Good Times!!


Mud Bowl was still going on as was the Naked Mile.

Drakes was till there.

And the 1992-93 hockey team was the only one from 92-97 that did not win the regular season CCHA championship



GO BLUE!!!!!


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Only a few other teams are even top 25 in both sports, and nobody has as stellar a "combined ranking." Hail!

Adding Michigan's two rankings 4+9 = 13.

Clemson is 2+16 = 18.

Kentucky is 15+10= 25.

LSU is 7+19 = 26.

Mississippi State is 18+15 = 33