Michigan Football Legends

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Probably has been discussed before, but besides Desmond Howard, who else deserves to be considered a Michigan Football Legend?  Obviously the overwhelming choice would be Woodson, but who else among the greats of UM, have earned legendary status?



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In setting legends, first you need to “un” retire (reactivate) the “retired” numbers:
Kramer TE 87
Oosterbaan WR 47
Ford C/LB 48
Harmon RB/K 98
Wistert OT 11
Then we add the following “legends:”
Howard WR 21
Woodson DB 2
Anyone else?
Long OT 77
Woodley DL 56
Brady QB 10
My preference: from the last list:  add at least one defensive lineman and one quarterback. That would allow there to be at least one “legend” for virtually every position group.


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I have reservations about one guy, and overlooked another.

First, I have reservations about Anthony Carter. I agree that he was an incredible receiver. I'll never forget attending the game with Indiana that he pulled out of the fire, so to speak. However, there are two things I would comment on:

  1. I don't know what to do with the number 1, given that this has been held by several players, and is now endowed (is that the correct term?) by Braylon Edwards. In a sense, number 1 honors multiple legends.
  2. There were ugly comments above about AC's personal life choices. I don't know, nor do I really care to know, the validity of the charges made. Having said that, it gives one pause.

The oversight for me is Willis Ward. Reading about what he did, and what he went through, his speed and skill and his role as a trailblazer, makes me want to call him a legend. I would add him to the list. He is Michigan's own Jackie Robinson, someone for whom we can be proud.

Having read about how some numbers were set aside, I think precedent has already been set in honoring someone who has just graduated from Michigan, regardless of what they do in the NFL. Here is a hypothetical situation (highly hypothetical, at that.) If Michigan went undefeated this year, if Denard was clearly the reason this happened, and Denard had tremendous stats, and Denard won the Heisman, well, then I think Denard should be a legend, even if he never played a second as a QB in the NFL.


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He wasn't just some guy on the team who happened to become president. He was one of the best players on two of our national title teams and was an All Star. 

Sure, he got his number retired after he became president. It's not as though he sucked and they just gave it to him because of what he did afterwards.


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he got more out of his talent then anyone ever at Michigan, universally loved and played hard every down.


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70s...Rick Leach-O. Dwight Hicks-D

80s...Anthony Carter and Jim Harbaugh-O. Mike Mallory and Mark Messner-D

90s...Desmond Howard,Tom Brady, Brian Griese, Jarame Tuman,Tyrone Wheatley and Tshimanga Biakabutuka-O. Charles Woodson and Glenn Steele-D

00s...Braylan Edwards,Mike Hart and Chad Henne-O. Brandon Graham and Allen Branch-D

10s...Denard Robinson and Fitzgerald Toussain-O. Mike Martin-D


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Anthony Carter made the #1 jersey what it is.  The great WRs since had the priveledge of wearing Carter's jersey, plain and simple.  If AC had worn the #88 jersey then Braylon, David, Derrick, and Greg would have wanted that to wear  #88.  

It's hard to ignore Carter's off the field issues, but I would still argue that the #1 jersey will forever be his.  I would also argue that if not for those issues Carter would have received the "legend" honor before Howard (who is my all-time favorite Wolverine).