Michigan Football Legends

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Probably has been discussed before, but besides Desmond Howard, who else deserves to be considered a Michigan Football Legend?  Obviously the overwhelming choice would be Woodson, but who else among the greats of UM, have earned legendary status?



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I can't tell if you're drunk or just an asshole, but either way. I never said the bullpen was off the hook, blowing a 2-run lead in the bottom of the 9th blows. But considering the opponent, and how well Fister was pitching, it should have been more than just a 2-run lead, like a lot more


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I certainly appreciate the invaluable insight of Russ.

Russ stated, “Yale Van Dyne, the epitomy of slow, possession, white guy.”

It’s slightly annoying to read an outside observer, refer to me as the epitomy of slow. (Russ, how fast do you run the forty?)

I’ll say this; Keith Jackson used to refer to my teammate, Chris Calloway as, “the speedy little reciever from Chicago.”

Jackson and Bob Griese referred to me as, “the hard working”, " “overachieving”, “coach on the field” (thanks for this one, Russ) or whatever euphemism popped into their heads.

Cam Cameron, (my college coach and current Chargers’ offensive coordinator) was quoted in, The Wolverine, “Yale Van Dyne is bigger, faster and stronger than Chris Calloway and he had the fastest agility times on our team, including Desmond Howard and Derrick Alexander” (high compliments for “the epitomy of slow”) 


My coaches and teammates never referred to me as slow. Fortunately, they were blinded, (not by my speed) and, not as adept at assessing talent as Russ.

Yale Van Dyne

by Yale Van Dyne on Aug 20, 2006 6:15 PM EDT





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all of the retired numbers, then Woodson. The biggest question is how to handle the #1 jersey and what is the standard from this point forward.


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I don't think the Legends honor is for retired numbers.  The whole point of the legends patch is to avoid retiring more numbers.  If the number is already retired, that is a greater honor (and since no one is wearing it, what would the point be of adding a patch?).


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I think we're 1 year away from throwing Denard in there. He gave us great rivalry memories (crossing fingers for that MSU win this year) through one of the more uglier coaching campaigns in our history. Stayed when things got tough, and maintained a great personality and character. Even if he doesn't go on to have a career like Brady or Long, I think he'll be remembered whatever happens.


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Oh wow...I meant no disrespect Mr. President. I just didn't think you were a legendary football player.

I am, however, a fan of your appointment of Justice Stevens, because I'm a law nerd like that. 



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How is David Cone not a lock for recognition?


But seriously, the obvious ones are Harmon and Woodson.  I don't think Denard, as great as he is, has had an accomplished enough of a career to warrant recognition (absent winning the Heisman this year).  Probably no need to consider anyone who has had their number retired, either, since that's a greater achievement than having a patch sewn onto a jersey in your honor.


May 8th, 2012 at 9:23 AM ^

in lieu of retiring his number. I think we need to look to the retired numbers and how that is going to mesh with the Legendary tag before we start looking for other legends.