Michigan football iPhone radio feed

Submitted by Hokemaniac on November 5th, 2011 at 7:21 AM
I will be out with mgogirlfriend all day. Is there an app or anything that I can get the radio feed through my iPhone?



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there is also an app directly through Michigan - I believe it is mgoblue2go - but it is a dollar subscription for live audio for a month or $10 per year.

I don't know how good it works but thought I would let you know.


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They don't play actual live sporting events on there. If they do it would be news to me. I have that app , that's how I listen to the pre game every week. I was planning on pausing my tv to match with wtka so I could listen to frank and brandy instead of chris speilman but it cut to random talk radio about two seconds before kick off.


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How about a list of apps you could have your girlfriend use for the 3 hours of the game.. Angry Birds is one thought :)
Never miss watching a game (only exception should be the birth of your own child) :)


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But that means that all mgoconceptions must take place between July and November (which obviously won't happen because that overlaps with the most important time--the regular season). Looks like all of the mgopotentialparents have about a two month window to make it happen.
<br>When you think about it that way, I'm surprised this site still has activity for those two months....


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I created a "how to" on this subject last year...

You can find it in this mgoboard stickied thread -


For most folks, follow what many have suggested above using tunein or Iheartradio apps, here is my advice from that thread:

4. To listen to the game on your Iphone or Android:  1. Go to the App store and get the free application "iheartradio".  2. Run the "iheartradio" app.  3. Go to the all cities link, and search for Grand Rapids, Michigan.  4.  Search for the station WOOD 1300AM, the game will be on there.  [Blue Okie provides an additional source: Big Ten Network app for smart phones also carries the radio broadcast for each team.]

*How to listen to our announcers versus Pam Ward:  In the past, the stream on the net was so far behind the video broadcast that you could use a DVR to hold the video for a few moments and the play by play would then catch up.  This year at least in the first few games the mgoblue feed has been much quicker and thus you could not do this anymore.  I am happy to report that as of yesterday the 'iheartradio' feed is significantly behind the video (at least on ESPNU) and thus you could listen to our announcers, and watch the video using a DVR to match the two up.