The Michigan Football Guide - no longer with us?

Submitted by jmblue on September 9th, 2010 at 2:08 AM

"Free programs!"  Remember when guys (usually right at the corner of Hoover and State) would pass out those little newsprint programs ("Michigan Football Guide") with a watercolor cover, preview of the game and predictions from Punt and Counterpunt?  (They always used old-school cartoon team logos above the team rosters.)  A couple years ago they scaled down production, going from printing them every game to something like four home games a year.  I didn't see them for the UConn game.  Anyone know if they'll be back?   I hope so.  They were great little reading material for halftime and quarter breaks.



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My Iphone doesn't work worth a crap at the Big House during games. I can't text or use any of my apps - keep getting a can't connect with the network error.

The Michigan Daily was handing stuff out - maybe they could include the lineup info.


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likely cause of this is the same as the cause of the nationwide network errors on AT&T in general......that being network contention, i.e. too many people vying for too little bandwidth. they sold a lot of very data hungry iPhones and their network has not and cannot keep up.

If you experience that error, you can often times turn off 3G on your A&T phone and go to their EDGE network and get decent voice coverage.

EDIT: just read the post below mine giving the same advice. note to self, read all/more comments before responding.


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doing this in 2007 i want to say... it was for the reasons that blueinlansing stated... but they did have them for the bigger games that year... but like everyone else i loved having it because it was nice to have the roster at your finger tips... good part to all of this, there are much few paper air planes flying around the stadium now a days...

Fall of the Ho…

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Which doesn't do a hard copy of its own paper now?  That could be another reason.

The "Game Notes" PDF available on is just as informative, but at over 30 pages, it's a little bulky to take with you into the game. 


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They were a nice touch.  Sign of the times - you can get the info on your phone, and a lot less paper to clean up.

At the UConn game the Michigan Daily was handing out a larger, newspaper-sized 6-8 page thing that wasn't particularly interesting


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Towards the end their "editorials" got really hostile to the team and staff.  And if they were throwing Lloyd under the bus with "unacceptable!!", lord knows what they'd have done the last couple of years.  


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I always looked for the free programs, if for no other reason than to have the visitor's roster handy.  As other have indicated, there are now ways around this.

I couldn't find them last year either, so I started printing and bringing rosters on my own.

So, imagine my surprise when driving down 5th, approaching Hill this past Saturday, there was a table with a big sign, "Free Programs!"  I had my daughter hop out of the van to grab a couple.

"Take as many as you want!" the guy said.  It turns out they were VINTAGE free programs from seasons and games past...