Michigan Football Director of High School Relations... fighting high schoolers on Twitter?

Submitted by unWavering on November 21st, 2018 at 7:09 PM

So the UM Football Director of High School Relations may have forgotten what his job title is.  He's apparently fighting with a high school student who recently won a game against his former high school.  Not a good look.

Hahaha try winning fair and square. Also. You can’t touch the ball that’s a delay of game boy. Also keep y’all worthless fathers in the stands. Good luck playing football in college. I hope Michigan get to play you.. oh nvm

— Chris Bryant (@cbryant58) November 20, 2018



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My favorite quote from the article:

... the lawsuit points to Facebook comments in which Mercado apparently admitted to helping the officials make calls. ... “Facebook is Facebook, and probably things that I should not have said,” Mercado said.

“Facebook is Facebook” should be the company’s motto.


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Someone with his role representing the university like this to high school students deserves a firing, without question. This is shameful behavior directed at the population he is paid to cultivate. It's not just a bad look for the university it is the antithesis of what he's being paid to do.


Gucci Mane

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I’m guessing most of the people calling for a firing are 30+ ? Twitter is not real. I have said way worse to some of my best friends on twitter and there are no hard feelings at all. It’s 2018. Sometimes you just gotta be a savage and roast someone. ALL THAT SAID...in this situation it’s not appropriate for the position he is employed in. Just gotta have a meeting with him and everything should be fixed. 


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His job is to maintain good relationships with high school students; right now he appears to be fighting with a high school student on Twitter.  If someone wants to fire you for being an idiot at the thing you are supposed to do, there isn't some "threshold" of stupidity they need to meet first.  


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Twitter continues to be the cesspool it has always been.  I am glad that people are being held accountable for what they say, at least more than they used to be.  And this guy should be no different. Thank you for sharing. 


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Yes. Are you kidding me with that? You're a professional at a post-secondary institution that has a sterling reputation. And what do you do? You bitch out high school kids on Twitter and - worst of all - call kids' fathers "worthless."

Fired. Tomorrow on Thanksgiving. Seriously, what a joke. Guy needs to go.  Oh and I didn't even mention that his job is HIGH SCHOOL RELATIONS.

Fired guy.


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That is the Chris Bryant who came to Michigan from Chicago and was a guard before injury ended his career, if I'm not mistaken. 

Not a great look. Pry not that big a deal also.


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Good post (well, I think you edited it). 

But the real story is not some adult getting into a Twitter fight with a kid.  It's not good form.  But that happens somewhere every day. 

The real story is the game they were fighting about.  Supposedly one of the football Dads dressed up as a referee in an attempt to influence the result of a high school football game!

Somewhere, Earl Hebner and Vince McMahon are thinking "hey, do we get royalties from this?  That was our idea first!"


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It appears that we hired a high schooler to be the Football Director of High School Relations. Probably sounded like a really good strategy in the war room.


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Not that it’s any better but semantics here does matter. When I read “fighting” I thought oh shit. But it’s actually fighting on Twitter. Big difference but still dumb as fuck.