Michigan football coaches clinic

Submitted by Magnus on January 29th, 2010 at 12:08 PM

I've Googled and Mgoblued this, but I can't seem to find the information anywhere. Does anyone have information on the spring football coaches clinic that Michigan puts on? The other coaches at my school and I are looking for a clinic, but some are too expensive, some we've gone to recently, and others are just lame.

On a side note, when I Googled it, the first hit was GBMW, which I vowed to never visit again. I clicked on it anyway because it was the only result that looked halfway promising...

...and God does that blog suck. I especially like the part where it advertises that it will answer questions about the offense and defense, but instead of actually answering "Who will play quarterback?" it basically says "It will be this guy or this guy." Same thing for cornerback. For guys who have such "inside information," they sure don't know how to take a solid stance on anything.



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Yeah not ENOUGH EXCLAMATTED words!!! The only REAL way to keep people INFORMED on e-topics and e-blogs with our e-opinion is to POST sentences with EXCLAMATTED and/or BOLDED words. No SUGARCOAT!!!


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But Magnus, you are now ahead of MGoBrian in the race for MGoPoints.

I presume this morning's snafu with the blog was your doing since you are in charge now?


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I am not the head coach. We run the Omaha Split Four on defense. On offense, we're multiple - I-pro, Wing TT, shotgun four wide, etc. But our base is the Wing T and our I-form has Wing T tendencies as well.