Michigan Football Bust at Laurel Manor in Livonia is no more

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on November 8th, 2018 at 3:25 PM

MOD EDIT - the Bust was held at Laurel Manor in Livonia. Corrected for clarity. - LSA

What began in 1919 has been renamed and re-purposed.

At the game this past Saturday, an announcement was made and shown on the scoreboard for the 98th annual Michigan Football Awards Show

IIRC, the date was set for December 9th and it's going to be held at Crisler Center. I contacted the ticket office and they will be selling the tickets to the public soon as details are still being finalized. 

Who knows what to expect. It's Harbaugh and he changes things and puts his own mark on them be it with the spring game or having Maize uniforms being worn. 

This seems like it may a play off of what a lot of other schools are doing. Oklahoma has the "Sooner Choice Awards" which encompasses all of their sports. 

Either way, I'm pretty excited about it. The Bust tickets were always hard to come by and expensive as hell. 



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I like this development.  Hopefully the new event will be more affordable or accessible, at least compared with the expensive and exclusive Bust.

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No, and there is no "M Club of Livonia."  The venue was the Laurel Manor Banquet and Conference Center.

Now here is the part I am interested in...  The host organization for the Annual Football Bust was the University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit.  And it was a major fundraising cornerstone for them.  Are they now being cut out?  I don't know.  I don't want to say anything hostile or critical without knowing.  I get regular mail from UMCGC, and I don't recall this notification from them.  If they are still involved as before, great.  If not, I think that is an issue that bears discussion.


Edit. - I do not see this event listed on the website of the University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit.



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Well you are definitely right about that and I am your first upvote.  You should get many for this rightful observation.

I hope that we are somehow wrong about my supposition that the UMCGD has been cut out of this completely, but it seems that the writing is on the wall.

A really cold, ugly decision by somebody.  I cannot believe that we are just now figuring this out, and there hasn't been more talk about it.  I haven't heard anything, at least.


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All of Development (that is philanthropy) is now being centralized and coordinated, not just athletics. It is happening to the various medical alumni groups. A high profile event that could be a really nice "development" event where potential donors could be invited will all probably be taken back under the official UM umbrella. 

Having a local alumni group handle the details is nice, and quaint but introduces a layer of potential issues that the chiefs of the Development office prefer not to have to deal with. 

It is just a natural evolution of events with national signing day becoming "an event".


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Laurel Manor is a really nice place, if you've been there. It's a good place for something like this, and also centrally located in Metro Detroit (sort of) so it isn't terribly hard to get to from wherever (traffic permitting, and you'll have to permit a lot of it). 

That said, having it at a place like Crisler actually sounds a bit more fun. 


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I went to the bust in 2007. The last one for Lloyd Carr. Had a great time. Nice venue, the players speeches were great. Had been wanting Mike Hart’s autograph ( he was my favorite wolverine ) stood in line next to Adam Kraus’s parents ( his mom joked that he wouldn’t let them skip to the front of the line 😂 ) they were really nice people had a great conversation with them. Terrific memory. 


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The basketball teams hold their banquets in Crisler.  It’s a huge facility and why not use it since it’s on campus.  Saves money and travel for all involved except patrons.  They make it look very nice.  I’ve been to two of them.  Nice atmosphere.