03 Blue 07

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Already been done (sort of). They had a show like this, for basketball, on ESPN. It was when Bob Knight coached Texas Tech. Was actually very interesting to see Knight coach and talk about basketball theory and what he was looking for in a walk on. It differed, though, in that 1.) it was basketball, and 2.) the spot available was a walk-on spot, not a schollie. 


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Business of college football... 

Not sure how I feel about this.  Anytime the word "business" is thrown in with college football the story is rarely positive.  


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I don't like the idea of 60 Minutes judging Michigan football from its ivory tower.  I'm not a fan of the show generally.  It should be called What Do Old, Wealthy White People Who Fancy Themselves as Progressive Think About Things?  Its reporters can distinguish between real injustice and fairness and fake injustice and fairness about as well as a reasonably intelligent hamster. 


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starting to sound like a POPCORN kind of night. Letsroll guys, go ahead get it all off your chests.(sarc) Nothing like a subtle political arguement to kick off the weekend!!


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The preview clip sets this up with the Towson-LSU game actually, but it looks as if the framework will revolve around universities marketing themselves on the national  stage through these admittedly lopsided matchups, among other things - basically, selling the program, if I am interpreting this correctly. The clip is interesting and the Towson AD even says essentially that there is no better advertisement for the program.


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What is the betting line on Hoke using "boo boo" or "geez I don't know" or "Ohio"?

I will double my UM donation if he just points at the reporter to cut off any tricky questions.

Epic potential.