Michigan the favorite for Arnett? (FWIW; place in other thread if necessary)

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on January 3rd, 2012 at 1:14 PM

I posted this comment in the UV thread but thought it might be worth posting on the board. Again, I have never posted stuff like this and wouldn't unless I trusted what I was told. If it turns out to be wrong, I apologize: 


A close friend of mine who is very close with a prominent member of the MSU-related media was told that MSU is not interested in Arnett becuase of the way his original recruitment went down and that Dantonio doesn't like the kid and would not take him even if there was a need at WR, which there definitely seems to be. According to him, the ball is in Michigan's court; if they want him, that's where he will end up going. 

I wouldn't post this unless I knew my buddy talked to his source. This guy is usually spot on when it comes to MSU stuff. He says they feel good enough about Bennie Fowler and Tony Lippett as future WRs anyways. I also know he wanted Arnett to play for MSU so he's not exactly excited about possibly conceding him to Michigan.

Again, grain of salt, FWIW stuff, but he's been right about 95% of the time with MSU stuff. I've also never posted anything of the sort and wouldn't unless I was confident in what I was told. 



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I work at UT and Dooley was getting a lot of local pressure here to give the kid his release.  He has refused to give others releases such as Bryce Brown who was a 5 star running back from Kansas.  He had to pay his own way at Kansas State this year. 


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then screw all that Manball "I" formation crap.  

Hello shotgun with 4 wide plus Denard and Toussaint.

Long live the SPREAD AND SHRED!!! Bwahahahahahaha!


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I hope this is true. It would be a true shame if he was fooled by the MSU staff and went straight from one asshole coach to another.  On a similar note, I saw yesterday that Treadwell named a top 5 of Mich, ND, MSU, Ohio, and UT... One of these things is not like the others.  For those who never learned this mental operation through Sesame Street, 4 of these coaches are probably the douchiest coaches in the nation, and Hoke is a laughing Buddha.  I like where our receiving corps is headed.


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Apparently they're still considering keeping Lippett at DB. I think he's 6'2 with decent hips and has been practicing there for most of the year. Although I think he was the one mimicking denard on their scout team as well. Point is, I wouldn't count state out.


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It would be funny if the OP's statement is true because everything he said is pretty much the opposite of everything I've read over the past few weeks. I'd be curious about the identity of the MSU-related media member. If it's a writer, I don't think it's anyone from the pay sites. Could be Rexrode from the LSJ as he's probably the most tied-in to the program. The Freep/DetNews guys are generally useless for anything but fluff.


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I believe Arnett needs to take full-time classes at Tennessee to fulfill  1-yr LOI commitment. He had said earlier that he has no intent of going back to UT, and will probably be taking some online courses to fulfill his requirements. 

I was wondering if these online classes will fly with michigan, or if he will end up being ineligible?


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if there's red flags on this kid, I'm not sure I want him at Michigan, but I trust the coaches to do their due dilligence. I love the story about Bo walking out of a kids house when he saw the way the kid treated his mother.  But maybe a year has matured the kid some.  Either way, this story makes Dantonio sound worse than the kid.