Michigan the favorite for Arnett? (FWIW; place in other thread if necessary)

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I posted this comment in the UV thread but thought it might be worth posting on the board. Again, I have never posted stuff like this and wouldn't unless I trusted what I was told. If it turns out to be wrong, I apologize: 


A close friend of mine who is very close with a prominent member of the MSU-related media was told that MSU is not interested in Arnett becuase of the way his original recruitment went down and that Dantonio doesn't like the kid and would not take him even if there was a need at WR, which there definitely seems to be. According to him, the ball is in Michigan's court; if they want him, that's where he will end up going. 

I wouldn't post this unless I knew my buddy talked to his source. This guy is usually spot on when it comes to MSU stuff. He says they feel good enough about Bennie Fowler and Tony Lippett as future WRs anyways. I also know he wanted Arnett to play for MSU so he's not exactly excited about possibly conceding him to Michigan.

Again, grain of salt, FWIW stuff, but he's been right about 95% of the time with MSU stuff. I've also never posted anything of the sort and wouldn't unless I was confident in what I was told. 



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Coaches couldn't reach out to him until he received his release. Only real way to gauge interest back and forth would be through players (Arnett has apparently been speaking with Devin and Shane among others). Message board consensus seems to be M would pursue him but that's likely just speculation for now.


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Yes, I know it was on Rivals.  A scan of their recent articles didn't mention anything, and going back about five pages on the Fort turned up nothing.

Guess I should have said, "Where on Rivals did you see this?"

Maize.Blue Wagner

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I agree with your statement; however, (and this question is for anyone) what players have transfered to Michigan from another "D-1" level school? Panter and Shaw are always cited as JUCO transfers, but all I can think of is Spencer Brinton.  Can anyone else think of other such transfers to Michigan?

(BTW, here's an interesting article on Brinton if anyone is interested.  Forgot he came from SDSU.)

Edit: and...here's the article http://www.michigandaily.com/content/selfless-spencer


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Transferring to Michigan can be easy or it can be a bitch -- it's really dependent on what school you were at before, and whether they follow a curriculum similar to Michigan's. Unless it has changed since a year or so ago when last I looked into it, Michigan's transfer policy is to take your transcript and convert every class to the nearest thing that Michigan offers. If they can't match it, it gets called a General Credits class. They'll go down but not up so for example if you took Roman Emperors as a 300-level course at Tennessee this could become History 213: The Roman Empire, but not History 421: Politics of Late Antiquity.

If too many of your classes don't turn into real courses on a track for graduation, you really can't transfer unless you want to basically start from scratch on your degree. For a freshman this isn't that bad, but for a junior it has to match up. I knew people who have transferred from Columbia and Princeton and Northwestern and none of these were any problem at all. Michigan State proved tough for one friend (who ended up transferring back to MSU because of it) since they seem to make a point of offering things that Michigan doesn't. My own experience was I couldn't get real, honest-to-God courses at La Sorbonne (the Oxford of the Francophone world) that were taught in French to transfer as French credits or anything else credits -- I would have been better off staying in my boring but pre-approved class for international students.

I have no idea if Tennessee is considered a good enough school by Michigan for their credits to transfer as Michigan classes. I do know that Michigan likes to think of itself as a de facto Ivy when comparing your credits at other undergrad programs to its own (something that may not be so warranted) and that this could make it difficult since Tennessee is way below the lowest Big Ten school in academic rankings and such.


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Arnett would be huge. It makes the dropoff that many people were worried about at the position almost non existent. I hope Hoke reaches out to him.


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I'm not sure what people are basing that on.  I also understand not wanting post bad things about a young man on the internet.  I will say this: Some people didn't seem to like the way he played with the media during his recruitment.  I thought it was pretty funny and that there was nothing wrong with a kid having some fun with a situation in which a bunch of adults are following his every move. 


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Remember how BWC toyed with the media?  I didnt' like it, and I would bet Hoke wouldn't have recruited an immature player like that. Sorry BWC... but look how he hasn't even been able to crack the starting lineup...      Arnett's behavior should be a red flag to the types of players we do not want, though not always the case. Unless you are happy how BWC has turned out, then I would think you'd want to avoid these guys like Arnett.


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I trust the staff to make the right decisions and bring in the right players.  The cupboard is now full, and the recruiting class is already one of the best in the country.  Unless you are Wiscy and his name is Russell Wilson, one transfer isn't going to make or break a team.  


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Appreciate the info, even if he does end up at MSU, we trust you ha.

I haven't heard anything on the MSU side, but on the UM side..

Fact: It will be a speedy process as per Arnett. The UM staff has interest, but will wait until after the bowl game to reach out to him. (as they should)

Rumors: People form UT believe he has been in talks with MSU for a while, people in the state of Michigan believe he wants UM and will end up there.

Rivals analyst Chris and Tim both hint that they like UM's chances.


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But Jim Comparoni says that Arnett is MSU bound! He also said that about a dozen other recruits this recruiting cycle. Why Spartan fans continue to shell out money for this hack's premium info is beyond me.

Steve Lorenz

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Just want to reiterate that I trust this guy, but that I'm never going to BKFinest or Raback anything just because I didn't hear it personally.

He said it pretty much comes down to Dantonio and that he felt like MSU was pretty much told by the Arnett camp that he was going to commit and that they were incredibly pissed when he chose Tennessee. He said they don't want players like that there, and despite my dislike for Mork and their program it's a sentiment I can understand if it's true.