Michigan favored by 14 over Purdue

Submitted by g_reaper3 on October 24th, 2011 at 8:20 AM

Not sure what to think about this game.  Purdue looked great against Illinois but other than 2 years ago, Purdue hadnt won in Ann Arbor in a gazillion years.  A month ago, I thought Purdue was similar to Minnesota but now they actually seem mediocre.



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I think Purdue is better than many/most of us were giving them credit. I think that if we can keep the Purdue Defensive line/LB's honest with the snap count we should win this one. They have a new QB that has been getting better each game, but not sure how much pressure he has handled to date. (Terbush is his name). Need to show some improvement and lessons learned after the MSU game and week off.




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The bye week is exactly what this team needed for the home stretch. They got to heal up and get coached up on some things that were slipping a bit. I think Purdue feels the wrath of a determined Michigan team this week end.


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I like to look at games through the lens of Brian's fear/paranoia level.  My take on Purdue:

BASELINE: 5; +1 for they just dominated a ranked Illinois team, +1 for Danny Hope really hates Michigan; -1 for they are still Purdue; -1 for they have a freshman QB and we know how that works, +1 for but he is improving every game; -1 for Denard's existence, +1 for tacopants' existence; -1 for we just came off of a bye, -1 for Purdue does not have the talent of MSU to stack 8-9 men on the line - total: 4 out of 10.  Seems about right.


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Maybe its overconfidence or Michigan Arrogance but I thought both Purdue and Illinois looked brutal Saturday. Purdue handled their business well but they scored three TDs early and did nothing after that. Illinois had no fight and looked completely hungover from the OSU game. I still think Purdue is awful. Not Minnesota's "historically-bad-poor-gophers" awful but not a good team. 


One thing to remember about the PU/IU game: Ron Zook was still coaching Illinois. that's at least 10 point deficit in itself. 


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I agree, both those teams looked like B1G ten dumpster teams this past wkend..


Purdue only score 2 legit touchdowns on longer drivers..  The other one was because ILL fumbled it on their 15 yard line so purdue punched it in a couple plays later..

ILL had 3 or 4 turnovers AGAIN this wk, they look like we did last year with how much they turn the ball over.


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This game scares the pants off me.  This defense isn't the same as '09 and '10's iterations, but  it's hard to forget that specter and feel confident that their performance will be good if they can't force a bunch of turnovers.  The offense is the more immediate concern.  If one of Denard or Borges doesn't figure it out (that is to say how to throw the ball downfield or that throwing the ball downfield is a stupid effing idea respectively), the wheels are ready to fall off violently (that's probably not a real popular opinion, but I think the writing is on the wall).

The importance of this game cannot be overstated.  A big win means things are back on track, and we're still in the hunt in the B1G.  A loss, in my opinion, would bring 7-5 or even 6-6 into the picture.


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  Purdue has improved  a lot since the beginning of the season, though.  They are not playing like the team that barely beat Middle Tenn. and lost to Rice to start the season. Still, Michigan should beat Purdue by at least a touchdown.


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Remember that awful rainy day game last year? We couldn't get rolling against them and still pulled away? Then again, IMHO, Michigan is dramatically improved this year; at least in demeanor. The coaches always use the bye week to coach the basics, so the small errors shouldn't have such a great effect this week.

Mr. Robot

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Purdue is better than we thought, but I still don't think handling them should be a problem. They scored all 21 points in the first half and then did nothing with the ball in the second. I'm more concerned about the offense beating itself than Purdue defending it.

Six Zero

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And deserve to be taken seriously.  I have little concern that Hoke will have them ready to go... but this is another one of those games that will tell us something about how well the coaching staff will prepare the team to win games they are supposed to win.


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If we win, it will be very telling.

If we lose, it will be very telling.

If it's a close game, it will be very telling.

If it's a blowout, it will be very telling.

If Denard can complete a pass, it will be very telling.

If Denard doesn't attempt a single pass, it will be very telling.


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To see a thread involving Purdue!

I'm also a bit reserved about my expectations for this game. I still think we win, but I constantly have flashbacks of "hook and lateral" and a missed extra point whenever I see Purdue. But, as someone mentioned a few weeks ago, a blowout would be a great opportunity to rub in it Hope's face with a Bellomy to Roundtree TD! That should be motivation enough.


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I agree, we will see if the staff has them prepared to take care of business against the teams we should beat. This is a trait missing for two regimes and it would be nice to see us back into the Bo and Mo level of preparedness.


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Carr's results vs. Eastern:

1998: W 59-20
2005: W 55-0
2007: W 33-22

So, I'll give you the 2007 season as 'underwhelming', but with only three games played against Eastern, it's ridiculous to say that "Carr-led teams had trouble putting away EMU".  Carr outscored Eastern 147-42 over his career.


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These are almost my identical seats to what I had for the Purdue game 2 years ago (yes, the missed extra point game :( )  They are your typical endzone seats, you actually do get a good view of the whole field, however its just hard to judge whether a play when for -5 yards or 10 yards.  Overall, I liked the seats personally, but I will let you be the judge of seat location. 

Enjoy the game!


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I was never sold on Illinois.  Western threw for nearly 400 yards on them.  Northwestern had a 2 touchdown lead on them in the 4th quarter and only after did Dan Persa leave the game with an injury were they able to come back.  They're not even close to being as good as their record.  However, I don't think any of that matters when we play them.  The game is in Champaign with their idiot fans who consider us a rival.  The last time we played there, we got destroyed by a HORRIBLE Illinois team.  It was our only loss there since 1983 but who could forget how that travesty of a game turned around after 4 failed attempts to score from the 1 yard line?  

Purdue is better than we thought but they're still not a good team.  Their most impressive showing was their 25-18 loss at Penn State.  I watched part of that game.  In the second half, PSU was driving down the field with ease on them and had a chance to all but end the game right there from the 15 yard line.  But a tipped pass which was intercepted in the end zone and brought back 50 yards kept them within a touchdown to the end.

With the exception of games against horrible Minnesota and Southeast Missouri State teams, Purdue's offense hasn't put up huge numbers only averaging 18 points a game.  I feel good about Mattison slowing them down.  And as long as Denard doesn't do anything stupid and not throw off the back of his foot, I like our chances.  I will be there and I expect to do a ton of cheering.        


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Making my second trip ever to the Big House for this game. Since UM lost the first time around, I've been scared to make the journey again...until now. UM by 24!!

Go Blue!