Michigan Fans Living in KC- BWWB is a MUST win

Submitted by HAIL 2 VICTORS on December 9th, 2013 at 11:28 AM

Make no mistake the Copper/BWW Bowl is an absolute MUST win.  Unlike Husker fan who was as embarrassed as Michigan to play in an Alamo bowl, a win over a 7-5 Michigan is Mecca for K-Stater.  

The unthinkable almost happened in 1998 when K-State was playing in the B12 championship game with an appearance for a National Championship on the line.  The voice of purple little Kansas brother was unbearable because unlike Kansas, K-Stater and Mizzou have no idea how to win with dignity. That 1998 K-state team was upset by Texas A & M as Michael Bishop could have overthrown IRAQ that day and they would be further humbled by Drew Brees in the Alamo Bowl.  

This is a big game for the locals and although this will be simply a merciful end to the football season for most of you on this board for those of us living in Kansas City this could be the trail of 1,000 tears as we listen to Jeb and Clep compare Bill Snyder to Bo Schembechler through a wad of Skoal.





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“I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That's the two categories. The horrible are like, I don't know, terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don't know how they get through life. It's amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you're miserable, because that's very lucky, to be miserable.


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I hear you BiSB.... I am a Michigan fan in Lansing. Not sure what ennui means, but sadness, yeah. S hoops & now S football.... I will be hearing about this from sparties for the next 10 years (I do not exaggerate).... If they think you are a fellow Sparty, they will engage you & tell 2013 Sparty stories for the next 10 years. If they think you are a Michigan fan, THEY WILL REMIND YOU about it & smirk for the next 10 years. I've seen it before; football 1987-88 & hoops 2000....Hoops 2000 has JUST finally died-down in the last year or two.


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Team 134 must win this game.  That's it.

Any loss of 1 or 2 points is a crime.


This game should be a 14 point blow out.  It must be as far as I am concerned.


No close calls.  No "what the Senior's wanted."  No B.S.  WIN THE GAME BABY!


Want to see a well coached, well executed game.


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but it seems more appropriate here:

The alternative it seems is instead of a chytty bowl, some think that no bowl at all is the answer.  "If we can't have a good one, I'd rather not watch one."  The reality is that ANY bowl, in terms of development is a good thing.  That many more practices, that much more time for guys to be more familiar with the offense and find some more playing time for guys who work their asses off for it.  This may not be what folks had hoped for back in September (who am I kidding, last February) but it is important in terms of the team, Spring ball and then next season.


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I would also add that this game will also show that, while the season and this bowl might be a dissapointment for us, because of our name brand and reputation, people want to play us. To the average team, we are not an average opponent. For example, I read a lot of LSU boards, and the overwhelming consent from their fan base is that they wish they were playing us instead of Iowa. Even if Iowa is better, for LSU fans if they're not in a BCS bowl, they'd rather play someone like us just because of the reputation and additional buzz that will surrond the game. I think there's something to be said for having that kind of reptuation. So even in a dissapointing season to us, to K-State we are still Michigan, the most winningest program in college football. Keeping that swagger and playing a good game is enough motivation to keep me interested.


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Just imagine sparty winning the rose bowl and we don't win the bww (I prefer copper) bowl. Also going into next season after this nightmare season on a positive note makes this game a must win.


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Actually, BWW puts on a great game.  AND, BWW will promote the heck out of this game.  On TV and in their restaurants.  This is a great game for BIG BLUE.  BWW really wanted MICHIGAN.  

No Bitching.  JUST WINNING!

If you wanted to go to a better bowl then win the games.  No excuses.  BEAT OHIO.  Don't lose to OHIO and say OH WELL.  Eff that.  Eff Ohio!  I'm Effing pissed off over here.  This is MICHIGAN YOU MOTHER FUCKERS.


WIN THIS EFFING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC Wolve

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You really lost me here and I consider myself a pretty level headed KSU grad.

"unlike Kansas, K-Stater and Mizzou have no idea how to win with dignity"

As a KSU grad that has dealt with Nebraska, Colorado, and other B12 fans and also a lifelong Michigan fan that makes an annual trip to AA, Kansas fans are by far the worst I have to encounter. Granted, I live in KC so I see them more than Sparty or OSU fans, but I have also have people in my office from other states that agree. KU fans are the worst.


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As a KSU grad of course KU is the most difficult for you to endure much in the same manner that any Sparty little brother would say the same about Michigan.  The difference is that KU has eeeeaaaaarrrnnneeeed it (Best E F Hutton voice please).

KU reminds you that they are the only local to have won a BCS bowl (Orange when Mizzou was left out) and they are a freaking hoops school.  KU in hoops is everything K-State wishes it were and still has as great a football victory as any K-State has ever won. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch called Snyder family stadium Bill has always taken the low road in scheduling when offered 2 for ones to play in his barn.  Bill routinely schedules terrible OOC games. On more then one occasion (see Holiday bowl acceptance to avoid playing a real opponent in the Cotton bowl I think 1996 or 97) Snyder has taken the lesser bowl when offered.

Snyder is no Schembechler and K-State is no "blue blood".

oriental andrew

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I know high-level folks in the administration at K-State and they're wonderful people.  Maybe a little too much purple in their closets, but fine people nonetheless.  I even have a K-State t-shirt I received as a gift from one of them.  



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High level folks in administration most anywhere are usually wonderful people.  As a fan base on the whole in Kansas City they consider themselves a "blue blood" program as if football began in 1995.  K-State football wants to be spoken in the same breath as Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma and they are convinced that with Schembechlers resources Snyder would have won three National Championships.  One weekend with the average K-State fan at any sports bar-just a conversation of sorts with those not so "high level" and you would understand why those of us in Fort KC need a Michigan win bad.


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I preferred Georgia in the Gator Bowl on a couple of levels.  

(1) Georgia is a banged up team that is beatable.  

(2) A win over an SEC opponent has more prestige

(3) A win over an SEC opponent would leave the fan base in a much better frame of mind heading into the offseason.

(4) A game against a middle of the pack Big 12 team does not merit much National Exposure. When looking at the rundown last night it was listed with other ho hum Bowls.

(5) A loss to Georgia would not be as bad as a loss to KSU from a perception standpoint, because of course it was a loss to an SEC team. 

(6) I don't see a lot of upside to the KSU game, a win is ho hum and a loss is another sour note in an already down year.  The last impression will not be positive heading into next year.

I am not really sure I understand why this was the Bowl that Michigan wanted unless it is just a way to make the bowl game accessible to the West Coast Alums.

That being said, get the W and it will be better than a loss to any team.  I'm not down on KSU as much as I wanted a crack at a SEC team.  I guess the answer is win during the regular season and get a shot at a SEC team in the 4 team playoff next year.


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I don't think the individual Big Ten schools have all that much say in where they go.  I think it's pretty much a case of the bowl picking us and that's that.  I guess we theoretically could refuse, but I don't think the league would look favorably upon us if we did.  The league negotiated some pretty lucrative bowl deals (often a lot richer than what other leagues have in theirs) and it's going to expect us to follow the pecking order.




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yeah the bowls invite the schools and then they accept (or decline i believe a few schools have done this but it is really rare). Schools dont get a say in where they go, the bowls have an order and get the teams based on their rankings. the only time it gets tricky is when teams are within 1 win of each other then the bowl can choose whichever team they want so for this year sparty went #1,  OSU #2 and got an at large bid and then it would have been wisco iowa nebraska and minnesota for the #3 spot (wisconsin chosen for capital one) then for #4 it could have been iowa, nebraska, minnesota, michigan or penn state and so on and so forth until the tie-ins are fullfilled and then i think any bowl could have chosen a remaning team if there were any left. so technically iowa and nebraska got chosen over us and we "jumped" minnesota

ben ji

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Do they not show football games in Canada? Are you aware that Kansas State has won 2 conference titles since the last time GA was relevant? Besides the championship game and Sugar bowl our matchup is the highest profile game out there.


December 9th, 2013 at 5:55 PM ^

I think UGA was pretty relevant last year when they were 5 yards from going to the National championship. And winning a couple conference titles doesn't really = lasting relevance. KSU is basically only relevant when they have one of those conference championship type seasons. Oregon v. Texas, the Rose Bowl (just because it's the Rose Bowl), and the Orange Bowl are all higher profile than this game at least. And a few other games are probably equal to this matchup (i.e. One team has large national appeal and the other has only regional appeal)


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I'm convinced that every non-conference opponent (other than ND) comes into a game against Michigan fired up like it was a championship game. Rarely does Michigan match their emotional levels, which is why games like App State, Utah, Toledo, UConn, Akron, etc. happen. It's been that way ever since I can remember and I expect KSU to come in the same way. Just once I would like to see Michigan blow out a decent opponent.


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Hey I'm glad they got 15 more practices. I'm also equally glad that I have a built in excuse to not watch the game. Too late for me.  I'll be happily in bed before it goes on too long. So this is all good for me.


ben ji

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I hope that not all Michigan fans are as disrespectful as the OP. I will be taking my wife and 2 kids( Sally is 7, Luther is 5) to the game and the last thing I need is some mouthbreathing Canadians slurring cuss words in front of my children. Most KSU fans are incredibly excited for this matchup against a fellow blue blood. ESPN just said our matchup is the 2nd best besides the OU/Bama sugar bowl. Would hate for it to be ruined by some poor sports.


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Of course K-State is excited for this match up that is exactly my point.  However if Snyder would have accepted the 2 for 1 to play twice in our 115K plus stadium and once in that High School barn of 42K you call Snyder family stadium back in  the day you would already know that Michigan fans are always cordial.

The only convern I have for your children is being exposed to literacy, culture and your sense of shock when they one day ask to attend school in Ann Arbor and you see the out of state tuition cost.

Yes I agree in advance that there is a slim to none chance your children ever set foot at Michigan save your response.

You Only Live Twice

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Has reputation of being a decent guy (the anti-Dantonio or anti-Meyer) so it will be interesting to see what their fan base is like.  As for Sparty, we have to beat them next year, if only to prevent them from destroying their own city.   Throwing a propane tank into a fire. seriously?