Michigan fans in DC

Submitted by kman23 on August 30th, 2010 at 5:53 PM

Calling all Michigan fans in DC...


Does anyone know of a bar that'll have the game on Saturday? My cable was just knocked out yesterday (dumb shit roommate!!!) and Comcast can't get here to fix it until next Monday.


Being near a metro stop is preferable but obviously seeing the game is my #1 priority so anywhere short of Baltimore is okay with me.





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How is Caddie's for UM games? I live in Friendship Heights, so it's a little closer to my neck of the woods. I've heard rumblings that it's a slightly older and more tame crowd there; could be jolly.


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I go there in part because I live in Bethesda, so it's easy for me to go there to watch the UM games when they're on the Big 10 Network.  The food is great and the drinks are reasonably priced.  Tons of TVs all conveniently located.  The bar doesn't have any one contingent of fans that gathers there, so you're watching games with all sorts of folks.  Mostly 25-35 yr olds, but more younger people fill in late afternoon and evening, especially to watch Maryland. I would recommend at least trying it.

Todd Plate's n…

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As mentioned, Buffalo Billards is a big UM bar, and a huge place with multiple bars, so they always have other games on side tvs and what not.  My cousin owns it...he's a Pioneer grad.

Would love to get a DC/Mgoblog contigent together up there for an upcoming game.  if interested, i can pass along my email to organize. 



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...the best in my opinion - the atmosphere there was electric during the Notre Dame and MIchigan State games last year. 

If you are closer to Virginia, Crystal City sports pub has a few Michigan fans but it's not as good as Buffalo Billiards IMO.  Just get there at least a half hour before the game or you will be standing.

Red Line it to DuPont.  Go BLUE!


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Piling on at this point, but I'll endorse Buffalo Billiards as the best Michigan viewing experience in DC.  Watched the Michigan State game there last year and it was crazy (well, until OT).  Absolutely huge bar, but as NoNon says, you should still get there early to get a decent seat.  Probably wise to just watch a noon game there to wet your appetite.   The alumni association does some fundraising and t-shirt giveaways, too.