Michigan falls to 8th in both the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll

Submitted by pfholland on September 17th, 2017 at 1:04 PM

Coaches Poll: http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll/

Michigan was jumped by Oklahoma State.  Penn State moved past USC to 4th, Ohio State stayed at 9th, and Wisconsin moved up two spots to 10th.  Maryland is the next highest ranked Big Ten team at 29th.  And for those who are wondering Purdue received no votes.

AP Poll: http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll

Michigan was passed by Oklahoma State in the AP Poll too.  Penn State jumped USC to move to 4th, and Wisconsin jumped Ohio State to move to 9th.  The Buckeyes fell two spots to 10th.  Maryland is at 28th, and as with the Coaches Poll Purdue has no votes.



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A downward slide after our offense's performance is justifiable. I didn't think I'd ever say it under JH, but our offense seems a bit predictable. McDoom jet sweeps, tight alignments signaling predicable runs, shotgun with empty backfield signaling downfield pass attempt to our number one receiver Tacopants... Where's the trickeration and misdirection?? 



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Tulsa, University of South Alabama, and Pitt, not exactly world beaters. Air Force presents a tough challenge, and the defense played well. The offense couldn't get TDs, but still played relatively well considering the new starters on the offensive line.

I could be wrong, but I imagine if Michigan had played Tulsa, USA and Pitt, the offense would've looked better.


Plus, USC didn't look great. Outside of Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma, it seems pretty wide open just 3 weeks in.


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I'm not convinced yet that we really are the 8th best team in the nation, but as far as the ranking game goes, I think this is good. My only complaints in general is that I think Wisconsin and Washington should be flipped, and Mississippi State and maybe WSU and Utah should be a tad higher.


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Playoffs??? What are you smoking? There are three team which more than likely are in Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma. The only question is the fourth team and with our offense it isn't going to happen. Don't drink the koolaid that the MIchigan offense is are almost there. it isn't and will not be. We have a structural weakness; QB play and weak line play. Teams with a good defense and average offense will beat us.


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Because beating the tar out of mighty Akron and Georgia State is somehow worthy of mighty respect.

I'm not sure I condone USC dropping below Penn State either. Yes, they have looked very uneven but Western, Stanford and Texas are better opponents than ANYONE Penn State has played.

In other news, fuck Penn State.


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In this new age of the playoff system. I don't care either way or the other, but Ok St has never been able to stop a capable offense. Their best defense has always been their offense. As I said in the previous post, rankings don't matter until Nov.


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A double OT win at home against a Texas squad that lost to Maryland at home really should be considered as half a loss in the voters eyes. Additionally, SC would have lost in regulation if not for a Hail Mary like play to end the first half. I am more impressed with Michigan so far, and I am not that impressed with Michigan.
MSU beat WMU in a similar fashion as SC did, and I am not putting STAEE in my top 25.


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I'm not sure why a play at the end of the first half matters.  Texas's first TD came on a pick-six, just seconds before that USC TD; does that count against them?



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anything of real value at this point, is only whether you take seriously your favorite team's point of play at the time the committee takes it and preliminary polling into account.

I've always thought that preliminary polling is a huge advantage for the teams regarded as the best because it's harder to dislodge them from their perch even when their performance failed or fails to match up with their ranking. So, that means if you are an Alabama and a Clemson and you are ranked first or second, a close call or even an off game won't cost you your standing as it would in the pre-committee ranking weeks.

The fact is, Michigan is building a callous for success and experience in what it does well and doesn't even as its young roster goes through the growing pains of a learning process that shakes the very confidence and raises the angst level of its fan base weekly as it projects the team's veritable abilities and stock at various positions and ability to compete against known opponents in uncertain competition and how that's judged as the weeks go by.

You've got to ask yourself having now seen this team's defense perform against three different offenses that it's certainly not perfect, but it sure is damn good and perhaps getting better and more confident in stopping anyone.

If you believe that, then you can't say that you are worried about an upcoming game against an opponent Michigan has traditionally beaten whether at home or on the road.

Like beating Purdue seems a more difficult task than say beating MSU at home. Michigan's defense matches up well against both these teams because it is faster and stronger upfront than both. It doesn't mean they will win, but I like their chances against both because of what I've seen and how they prepare and compete.