August 10th, 2013 at 2:27 PM ^

crunching and grunting sounds but b) I hope every one of those cruches and grunts aren't a little more time each one of those guys will spend suffering some degree of dimentia in old age. 


August 10th, 2013 at 9:47 AM ^

Q looks great. Pipkins looks to be in better shape. Chesson looks to be a willing, and MAYBE an able, blocker. McCray looks to be the full 6'4". Lewan and Schofield are as expected. Wilson took on and sheddeded a block well.


August 10th, 2013 at 10:57 AM ^

How in the heck could McCray measure 6'1  at the Rivals 5-Star Challenge?  Were they ruler challenged or just didn't see the hole he was standing in?  He's easily 6'4 and looked really good during his second time in the drill. 


August 10th, 2013 at 9:52 AM ^

The last segment was Ondre Pipkins tackling everyone in the same general area, I believe. That brought a grin to my face admittedly. Really liked how Washington looked as well. This also made me think of that article on Hecklinski and how they run WRs through some of the OL drills to drive home blocking can see it. 

Baba Booey

August 10th, 2013 at 10:01 AM ^

21 days didn't seem all that long until I watched that video. Now it seems like an eternity. Almost jumped out of my chair when Rawls ran over Douglas.

Dhani Bowtie

August 10th, 2013 at 10:11 AM ^

I know that everyone wants to focus on the positive but Kalis looks very slow off the ball. You "heard" impact on every rep except for those involving him. Hopefully he was just having an off day.


August 10th, 2013 at 10:26 AM ^

I agree with that, didn't look like what I was expecting out of Kalis.  I also thought that Q got blown 5 yards off the ball the first play he was out there so I'm not sure where people are saying they liked what he was doing.  Pipkins looked pretty good as did Wilson.  Defense really didn't seem to shed as many blocks as I was hoping, could possibly be to much better O-line play. 

One Inch Woody…

August 10th, 2013 at 10:47 AM ^

He didn't get "blown off 5 yards" rather his opponent had forced his shoulders to the outside of the play so to regain his pursuit angle he had to track back 5 yards to get the tackle. That shows that even though he may have lost initial leverage, he was able to work back into it and make the tackle, which is pretty impressive. The offense was doing a very good job of keeping their hands on the players - much more than I remember from previous michigan drill videos where there was a lot of body contact and shoulder-shoving.


August 10th, 2013 at 11:07 AM ^

...was him having a good initial punch (which I liked), then he got caught peaking in the backfield and was too tall and got drove off the ball.  I understand the concept of the drill, however I'd rather see the DL stalmate at the line and not let the lineman dictate where the play is going than the DL make the play 5 yards down the field.  My example here is when Heitzman went up against Lewan the first play, I thought he did a very nice job of standing his ground and not letting Lewan man handle him (although he did after the back went through the hole).  Now I don't think Q isn't going to be good, I just don't think he looked great in the 2 plays on this video.  Go Blue!


August 10th, 2013 at 11:23 AM ^

This isn't especially representative of what these D-linemen will be asked to do. Michigan runs primarily (almost exclusively) a one-gap defense. Q, for example, will be asked in the standard 4-3 under alignment to control the strong side A-gap. This drill basically asks them to defend two gaps, because the back has a two-way go. If Q got caught looking for the ball-carrier, that's probably a big part of why.   


August 10th, 2013 at 3:41 PM ^

He was definatley slow. But still impressive he stood his ground. Ash hits him before he's even out of his stance. It's amazing he didn't get bulled over. But yea, def needs to get a little quicker off the ball


August 10th, 2013 at 10:16 AM ^

I was so caught up in watching the 1v1 blocking that I really didn't watch the RBs (except for the big hit by Rawls).  Can't wait to see what the B1G network guys have to say about the team when they visit today.  It might not mean much but it's nice to see an outsiders view.


August 10th, 2013 at 10:26 AM ^

That got my heart rate going. I thought Q looked great, made the tackle nearly every time. Pipkins looked a step behind but promising. I'm going to watch x5 with my HTTV roster next to me. Someone UFR Plz!

death by trident

August 10th, 2013 at 1:08 PM ^

Lewan/Heitzman – Lewan stands Heitzman up and Heitzman doesn’t budge.  Lewan gets Heitzman turned to seal the edge.  +1 Lewan for control, +1 Heitzman for holding ground, +1 Lewan for clearing the path.  +1 Heitzman for not standing up and punching Lewan after being driven to the turf.

Lewan 2, Heitzman 2


G. Glasgow/Black – Glasgow releases quick and pushes Black onto his heels.  Black was never in close enough to make a play. +1 Glasgow for release, +1 Glasgow for driving Black onto his heels.  -1 Black for never being in the play.

G. Glasgow 2, Black -1


Miller/Morgan – Miller gets a good push and drives the smaller Morgan off the line.  +1 Miller for control.  +1 Miller for keeping his feet churning.

Miller 2, Morgan 0


Dawson/Jenkins-Stone – Dawson gets into Jenkins-Stone early but Jenkins-Stone sheds the block and gets free.  +1 Dawson for release. -1 Dawson for not continuing the block. +1 Jenkins-Stone for shedding the block.

Dawson 0, Jenkins-Stone 1


Schofield/Washington – Schofield gets low and drives Washington back.  Schofield keeps his feet moving with ease to get Washington upright and back peddling.  +1 Schofield for release. +1 Schofield for footwork.  +1 Schofield for control.

Schofield 3, Washington 0


Bryant/Bolden – Bryant gets good position on Bolden and gets great push but Bolden is able to get around the block to make a play.  +1 Bryant for release. +1 Bolden for breaking contain.

Bryant 1, Bolden 1


Burzynski/Ross – Ross launches forward and meets Burzynski with a great impact.  Ross sheds the block and makes the play.  +1 Ross for impact.  +1 Ross for shedding the block.

Burzynski 0, Ross 2


Tuley-Tillman/#31 – Tuley-Tillman meets (??) and pushes him out of the play because he is the size of one of his legs.  +1 Tuley-Tillman for control.

Tuley-Tillman 1, #31 0


Dileo/Wilson – Dileo does well getting under Wilson and gets him upright.  Not much push from either Dileo or Wilson.  Wilson is able to shed Dileo and make a play.  +1 Dileo for leverage.  +1 Wilson for recovery.  +1 Wilson for shedding the block.

Dileo 1, Wilson 2


Magnuson/Wormley – Magnuson gets into Wormley and stands him up.  Wormley is unable to get free from Magnuson and make a play. +1 Magnuson for control.

Magnuson 1, Wormley 0


Kalis/Ash – Kalis comes up slow and gets stood upright by the more powerful Ash.  Ash is unable to shed the block though and make a play. +1 Ash for power. +1 Kalis for control.

Kalis 1, Ash 1


Gunderson/R. Glasgow – Gunderson gets in on Glasgow and stands him up.  Glasgow never moves his feet and is unable to shed the block.  +1 Gunderson for control.  +1 Gunderson for leverage. -1 Glasgow for statue impression.

Gunderson 2, Glasgow -1


Braden/Pipkins – Braden gets into a low Pipkins and gets him upright.  Pipkins almost shed the block but Braden follows though with good footwork to keep him out of the play.  +1 Braden for leverage.  +1 Braden for footwork.

Braden 2, Pipkins 0


Bars/Godin – Both players stay low and Godin goes too low causing him to lose footing.  Bars stays with Godin and doesn’t let him free.  +1 Bars for control. -1 Godin for footwork.

Bars 1, Godin -1


Pliska/Liesman – Liesman is able to keep his feet mioving and shed the block.  Liesman does get knocked over but was able to make the play.  +1 Liesman for footwork.  +1 L:iesman for shedding the block.

Pliska 0, Liesman 2


Norfleet/Douglas – Norfleet stands Douglas up and keeps him contained.  Then Rawls shows why he doesn’t need blockers for small defensive backs. +1 Norfleet for leverage.  +1 Norfleet for control.  +ALL THE POINTS to Rawls.

Norfleet 2, Douglas 0, Rawls ALL THE POINTS


Schofield/Heitzman – Schofield gets into Heitzman but Heitzman is able to shed the block and make a play.  +1 Heitzman for shedding the block. +1 Heitzman for footwork.

Schofield 0, Heitzman 2


Bosch/McCray – From the start of this play McCray didn’t stand a chance.  Bosch uses his 60 pound advantage and runs him off the field.  +1 Bosch for control.  -1 McCray for lack of footwork.

Bosch 1, McCray -1


Chesson/Thomas – Chesson makes good use of his size and hands to control Thomas.  Thomas is unable to get around Chesson.  +1 Chesson for keeping outside of Thomas.  +1 Chesson for control.

Chesson 2, Thomas 0

Bosch/Mitropoulos-Rundus – Mitropoulos-Rundus shows great power and pushes Bosch and himself out of the play. +1 Mitropoulos-Rundus for power. -1 Mitropoulos-Rundus for lack of control.

Bosch 0, Mitropoulus-Rundus 0


Dawson/Jenkins-Stone – Dawson gets Jenkins-Stone out of the play and keeps him from the ball carrier.  +1 Dawson for control.

Dawson 1, Jenkins-Stone 0


Jackson/Richardson – Jackson gets the early push and keeps his hands positioned well outside of Richardson.  Richardson was not in the play at all.  +1 Jackson for control.  +1 Jackson for hands.

Jackson 2, Richardson 0


Miller/Washington – Washington gets into Miller and pushes him out of the way.  He also shed the block with ease getting free to make a play. +1 Washington for power.  +1 Washington for control.  +1 Washington for shedding the block.

Miller 0, Washington 3


Kalis/Ash – Kalis manages to stand Ash up but Ash is able to shed his block.  Ash does not make the tackle but was in position to do so.  +1 Kalis for power.  +1 Ash for shedding the block.

Kalis 1, Ash 1


Bars/McCray – McCray shifts his weight causing Bars to lose his footing and fall down.  McCray easily makes a play here.  +1 McCray for elusiveness.  +1 McCray for making a play.

Bars 0, McCray 2


Tuley-Tillman/#31 – Tuley-Tillman once again pushes #31 out of the play.  Not much else to see here.  +1 Tuley-Tillman for being Tuley-Tillman. -1 #31 for not being on the roster!

Tuley-Tillman 1, #31 -1


Butt/Charlton – Always giving the fans what they want, this is the first matchup of Taco-Butt.  It is all that we had hoped for from both players.  He did go outside the cone so no points are awarded in this first ever epic match up.

Butt 0, Charlton 0


Gunderson/Strobel – Gunderson awkwardly gets Strobel upright and Stobel releases at the perfect time to make the play.  +1 Gunderson for leverage.  +1 Strobel for shedding the block.  -1 Gunderson for losing contain.

Gunderson 0, Strobel 1


G. Glasgow/Pipkins – Pipkins easily gets himself free to make the play.  A great show of power by Pee Wee.  +1 Pipkins for power.  +1 Pipkins for shedding the block. 

Glasgow 0, Pipkins 2