Michigan doesn't make top 5 for 2019 5* SF Jaden McDaniels

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Michigan doesn't make the cut for 2019 5* SF Jaden McDaniels, a top 5 player in the country, who was widely believed to be considering Michigan. His list consists of Washington, UCLA, Kentucky, Texas, and San Diego St. 4 of those schools make sense for him as UCLA and UK are blue bloods, he is from Washington, and his brother goes to SD St, but I still don't understand how Texas is constantly in the top schools for so many 5*s. I just don't understand it as none of their 5*s have ever developed in their time at UT



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If there's one basketball coach in the freaking country, much less the B1G or even our own school itself who has earned the right to have fans NOT worry about players he doesnt get it's John Motherfucking Beilein.

That dude could coach up these ladies to a 3rd place finish or better in the B1G I'd bet





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"None of Texas' 5*s have ever developed"

Kevin Durant would like a word.  Mo Bamba still ended up as the 6th pick in the draft.  Myles Turner was a lotto pick and a solid NBA player now.  Cam Ridley and Myck Kabongo busted, but that was more than 5 years ago; Jordan Hamilton you could argue as a bust too.  Cory Joseph, Avery Bradley and Tristan Thompson both got solid NBA paydays.


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That's a fair interpretation, but they can still point to an alum who is one of the best players in the NBA.

Of course that's going to appeal to a HS kid more than most schools - even if M is sending lots of players recently, we have no examples of that caliber, maybe Chris Webber if you really want to stretch, and he was in and out of college well before these kids were born.


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Right or wrong, I don't think a lot of these kids are saying to themselves "I wish I had developed more in college" when they're still lottery picks.  I get what you're saying, but Michigan's development track record is going to be more appealing to Cole Bajema than it is to Jaden McDaniels.


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If Bamba thought college had anything for him, he would have attended school somewhere that would have taught him something.  He used the forced year of college as nothing more than a way to pass time.  He had no thoughts of improving - because he was already a lottery pick; he had no thoughts of graduating - word about his academic 'prowess' was that he took the simplest classes available, and barely showed up to them, because he was already a lottery pick; and he had no intentions of being a good teammate - his team's performance proves that, because he was already a lottery pick.

The whole one year thing never made sense to me...


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Whelp...Seems like he wants to 1.  Stay home  2.  go somewhere warm or 3.  Play a year for a slime-ball.  UM fits not-a-one of those criteria.  Next.


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One of the best? Give him our roster you think he would get to a single NCAA tournament? Basketball coaches are overinflated because they recruit but they have zero coaching ability. You think the players Kentucky brings in need coaching. Michigan is playing for national championships with minimal talent while Kentucky can’t even get to a final four with talent through the roof every single year


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Calipari takes these kids and makes them better players. The man gets the kids-it's part of the deal. If you know anything about the game-the man can coach...whether you like him or not. OTOH, if you believe that you are guaranteed an NC simply by recruiting you clearly have not coached much...good luck with making these prima donnas into team players...and here is Calipari's particular genius. I do believe Jay Wright is the best...he and Calipari.


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Calipari would never have our roster because he's such a great recruiter. And it's weird how all the five stars Kentucky recruits raise their draft profile and develop better than the five stars that go elsewhere. I mean, the development of their five stars is significantly better than Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, Texas, LSU, and Arizona. 

So maybe coaching plays a pretty big role as well. It's fine to not like him, but lets not pretend he's some schmuck.


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that's too bad, thought there was a decent chance with this kid.

i am also surprised that Duke or Kansas also aren't part of the last five...

it would be pretty cool to see what he could do at SDSU with his brother though


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Shaka Smart is a charismatic coach and good recruiter.  He is also involved with camps or AAU if I remember correctly, which was how he got at Mo Bamba so young.


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He is also involved with camps or AAU if I remember correctly, which was how he got at Mo Bamba so young.

A fact that Dick Vitale pointed out during this past year's Texas game as a very unfair recruiting advantage for Smart. Of course if you're a below average Xs and Os coach like he is, you can have oodles of talent (which he did) and still have an underwhelming season.


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College basketball recruiting is absolutely filthy, way dirtier than college football recruiting. Even if Michigan were a blueblood (which it isn't), it would still be hard for a squeaky clean coach like Beilein to regularly compete for 5-star talent. But there's no doubt that he's the best in the business when it comes to developing talent, so I never worry about missing out on elite recruits. We'll be fine no matter what. 

Space Coyote

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If I was an extremely high 5-star, I wouldn't go to Michigan, or Texas, or MSU (just to throw in the other name that often gets tossed around with basketball recruiting), for example.

I love Beilein, there isn't a coach I would rather have at Michigan than Beilein, and Beilein is great at adapting his system to fit his talent. But he's never going to dumb down his system, it's always going to be relatively complex and always a bit difficult for a FR to break in, put up big minutes, and be highly effective. Some of these guys would still be good because they have tons of talent, but there are programs that can more easily incorporate that.

The same can be said for Smart, who built his career heavily around a system (one that he is hardly running any more and it's starting to expose him on the offensive end). Izzo, for all we hate him and make fun of what seems to be an outdated system, has, for better or worse, shown that he can break players down and redevelop them in his mold. But that takes time. That takes a Valentine over 4 years. A Green over 4 years. It takes 5-stars, like Payne, and develops them over 4-years. His strength isn't utilizing these 5-star talents right away, because it's a system that relies heavily on defensive discipline and a old-school offensive system. Talent is still going to talent and get drafted early, but it's not being maximized as it would elsewhere.

So despite how great Beilein has been at developing players, I never really blame the highest rated ones for going elsewhere (particularly when you start to consider the money being involved). Now, those top 50 4-star types, they should be salivating to get developed by a Beilein-type, because in two years there's a good chance he can make you a first round draft pick.


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When a player puts Washington or Texas in his top 5 and doesn’t include Michigan I don’t want him in Ann Arbor. Clearly he’s not capable of making good decisions and will just be another 30+ point scorer that gets coached by some dude who can’t even tie his own shoes on a team that starts out the season ranked #7 then  wins only 17-18 games then makes the NCAA tournament because we have to include the top players and ends up losing in the first round because his team sucks ass. Meanwhile Michigan is developing athletes turning them into greatness on and off the court and will hang a few banners a long the way. Trey young, Moe Bambi, Ben Simmons, shabazz Mohammad.....shall I continue