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Thanks to BISB for helping me with a few of these this afternoon

1 Drink-Commentators screw up teams, Lambeau Field, Denard reference, Tourney streak mention, Academic comparison, arena obvious empty

2 Drinks-Lloyd Brady or Facepalm Guy sighting, Red Pointing, Goal waived off for no reason
3 Drinks-Audible Cya chant, Game Misconduct 
All the Drinks-5 on 5 Melee
Overtime-drink, breathe, swear, repeat
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Guh - How did ESPNU and ESPN3 streaming simultaneously shut down right when my wife came in wanting to watch a show about spoiled italian-american kids? #ragequit


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anyone find out what the deal is with espnu in a2?  It's still black.  You would think if they were blacking out the game they would be showing us something else and not just have a black screen.