Michigan contacts grad transfer DT Zach Abercrumbia

Submitted by Magnus on January 13th, 2019 at 3:09 PM

Blue White Illustrated says that Michigan (and other teams) has reached out to Rice grad transfer DT Zach Abercrumbia (LINK). Abercrumbia is 6'2", 286 lbs. and made 55 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, and 6 quarterback hurries in 2018. He'll be a fifth year senior in 2019. 

I have been somewhat critical of Michigan's DT play in 2018, so I'm glad Michigan is looking at options from the outside.



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BTW, Michigan went after Rice OT transfer Calvin Anderson last year, and Anderson became Honorable Mention All-Big 12 for Texas this past season.


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I think they're going to be better inside in '19 than '18 but I'd feel a lot more confident in that if they add a veteran guy.

Brian Smith is the Rice DC so I'm sure they've done their homework on him.


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Losing Solomon was losing depth and potential but not production. He really didn’t produce last year.   My guess is some of these transfers is a work ethic expectation thing within the program.    

The coaches are moving kids who work harder ahead if it’s close   Potential does not get you playing time   

This kid from Rice was All Conference.  His film looks good.   Let’s hope we get him  




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It's a concern for sure (especially depth) just think they'll be better than this year because Dwumfour/Kemp '19 > anyone in '18 as starters and Jeter/freshmen can be as effective, or at the least most disruptive than Marshall and Mone. 

Solomon barely played so not really replacing there so much as missing out on what we hoped his future impact would be. 

Add a grad transfer and I feel better about the depth. 


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If there is a grad transfer named Fitch out there and we get him too, they had better stand next to each other on the field EVERY.SINGLE.GAME!!!

Nervous Bird

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Position of need, and seems like a decent rotational player. Although, outside of quarterbacks, players who transferred in during the Harbaugh era haven't contributed much. 


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Good.  Depth will be....needed.  Added to the fact we clearly have an interior line issue (not a knock on our guys but we don't have a Van Bergren, Hurst, Henry-type anchor unless something drastic happens).


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The more DT the merrier. We saw how our DE got banged up and injured this past season, then we found out our DT were not greatest at stopping the run or putting on a pass rush.

The Fan in Fargo

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Boy this new DL hire is huge. Well, any coach is huge but with the bucs sitting with G-Mat and LJ(two old geezers) this is a golden opportunity to get ahead of them in recruiting and bring in some young bull that recruits will love. I know the buc fans will be reading this comment and thinking how they need to now get rid of those two soon. Here's a big middle finger to you losers with nothing better to do than be on Michigan's blog. Obsessed!!!!