Michigan in contact with Nick Montana

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Free article on rivals about Nick Montana, former 4 star who went to juco after playing at Washington. First I have heard of this and would help out a lot with QB Depth.

 "I have an offer from Akron and Western Kentucky," he said. "I'm really talking a lot to Michigan, Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech. That's just off the top of my head. There are a few more schools."

Link http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1441853



November 27th, 2012 at 10:51 AM ^

With a Devin Garndner reshirt and Shane Morris coming in, exactly where would a QB who wants to be "The Man" fit in?  I can't imagine Montana wanting to be a third-string QB anyplace, and I can't imgaine him not transferring yet again when he figures out where he stands on the chart.


November 27th, 2012 at 10:56 AM ^

Yes, but the coaches aren't selling Montana on the idea that he'd come to Michigan to backup Devin Garder, they're telling him he'll have a chance to compete for a starting position, which he would. If he wants to be "The Man," then come to Ann Arbor and earn it. 

kevin holt

November 27th, 2012 at 11:37 AM ^

Not to mention, Shane is a lot more likely to redshirt if we have another solid QB. They could tell him to compete for the spot and possibly have the starting job in a year or two while we groom the freshman. That would be a relief for most of us, as long as Montana is good.

Part of me really wants Shane on the field as much as possible, like I know the rest of you crazies do, but most of me is also semi-rational and would prefer not to have a freshman (or even RS freshman) having to start. Unless he is immediately godly and not just demigodly with need of a Herculean tuneup (Disney version)


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Which, IMO, makes it even more impressive.  Sure, Henne was a 5* stud and was the QB of the future at M, but to become the starter just before the first game and lead your team to a share of the B1G title?  Yeah, that's something.

I know that he had lots of weapons at his disposal (Braylon, Avant, Breaston, Hart, etc.) but that shouldn't discount what he did in the least.


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Michigan badly wants to RS Morris next year, I imagine. It wouldn't shock me if they have somewhat lost faith in Bellomy to stand between a Gardner injury and Morris burning that RS. Taking a guy to stand in between makes sense. From his perspective, if he shows up and plays well...he could take the job. If Morris redshirted, Montana wouldn't leave until after Morris' RS Freshman year.


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Bellomy showed going after the guy who intercepted the pass on the freak play to Vincent Smith, perhaps Bellomy should move to the Defense and play safety.  Or, maybe he can be the next qb to be moved to wide receiver!!!  [The second option was intended to be cute; the first might really be a possibility.]

Jack Daniels

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Coaches have been slow-playing the 2014 QB class, which doesn't seem deep but isn't particularly bad either. I guess this could be a reason why....? How many years would Montana have left if he came here?


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Taking a JUCO, especially at that position, is really, obscenely rare for a Big 10 team.  Can anyone remember a JUCO QB leading a B1G team to glory? or even taking a snap?

I agree with other posters, this can only mean that Bellomy's "condition" makes him unable to be a long-term solution.  Stop the wisecracks, I know what you're thinking:  That his "condition" is, "unable to play QB well."

If Bellomy is not a long-timer, AND IF Devin isn't here for the second year (read: no redshirt, OR, he blows up and goes to get paid), then we'd have only 1 schollie QB on the roster -- Shane -- in 2014.  Definitely need a contingency plan for that year.  A bit of grasping at straws, but, a JUCO QB with that last name is probably better than [insert name of random 3* QB we might recruit for 2014 class].



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Agree 100%.  As weird as it seems given the state of depth of the rest of the team, getting JuCo Instahelp at QB is a REALLY good idea if the coaches can swing it.

I'd still go for a QB in 2014, but getting the numbers up and also getting a guy who's played would be good(especially if Bellomy is really done and Morris needs time to develop, which is likely given his mono this year).




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he's not a two year JUCO who was a non-qualifier out of high school or anything. He played a bit in the Pac 12 (22/42 226 3TD 2INT as a RS Freshman) and presumably was doing okay in school. I think this is a great move if they can get him, but he claims to want a lot of playing time, which could be a sticking point with potentially two five stars in front of him.