Michigan in contact with 2012 WR JaQuay Williams

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This is paywalled, but it appears that Michigan has been in contact with him and trying to set up visits.

He was/is a 4*, about 6'3 200 lbs. 


EDIT: He was an Auburn commit since June 2011, but spent this year at prep school.



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If nothing else, we can discern from this video that he is good at jump balls. Their passing gameplan appears to be: throw it high, let Williams jump up and get it...and something feels oddly familiar about that. Unfortunately, the camera work doesn't really let you see his speed or route running, but he does appear to be a physical receiver who can break tackles after the catch, which is always nice.


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Kid has great size. How does he project in comparison to Chesson and Darboh? We are really going to rely on slot types if these young big bodies don't show up to fall camp ready to show out.


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He wanted to get around 195 before this season. And now, with his RS, there's more time/flexibility for gaining the mass he could use. Apparently, Hoke informed him that 210-215 would be good, and I'd agree in order to retain his speed. At about 1lb. of muscle a month (presuming he has a speedy metabolism), I think it's safe to expect a solid 205-210 by next fall.



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A prep school and a JUCO aren't the same thing.  Prep school is basically just another year of high school, although it's generally for kids who are having academic/social issues, so it's a bit of a red flag.  However, their high school/prep school credits are accepted for application purposes.

However, JUCO kids have trouble getting their credits to transfer to Michigan.  Some don't transfer at all, and most credits in your program don't go toward your major.  So if you already took a couple math classes toward your major, for example, you would still have to take 30 credits (or whatever) in math to get your math degree.

Blue boy johnson

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Yes, that is what I concluded as well. Butterfield graduated from Miami Central HS in 1994 and shows up on the M 1994 football roster.

  No. Name Pos. Year Letter Class Hgt. Wgt. Hometown State High School
  1 Butterfield, Tyrone WR 1994 _ Fr. 5-9 170 Miami FL Central
  1 Butterfield, Tyrone WR 1995 v So. 5-8 168 Miami FL Central
  1 Butterfield, Tyrone WR 1996 v Jr. 5-8 175 Miami FL Central



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So in the last 2 classes the coaches are looking to have taken 6-7 WR's, 3 pass catching TE's, and a few run-pass backs. I be like dang! We're building some depth, here.


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 He said what's below:

People have talked about this offense potentially shifting over the next couple years to something similar to what the Patriots run. What do you say to that?

“We do a little of the things the Patriots do. We have an empty package. Didn’t use it this year as much as I’ve used it before. We are very similar to the Patriots. We’ll line up in two back offense, we’ll line up in spread … the key to offense is not whether it’s the Patriots or the 49ers or whoevers. It’s being diverse enough to deal with all situations that arise in football. Having an offense that can accommodate all of those situations that’s geared to your personnel. That’s a nebulous answer, but that is the answer.”


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We wouldn't really get elite WRs until we had an elite passer or two, still, we had Burbridge and passed on him because of a risk over qualifying academically. You may end up holding your breath for a while to find out if a receiver is the next Terrell or Manningham. Those were 2 of the best WRs in Michigan history. Jaquay Williams is about as highly rated as Manningham was in high school, though, and higher than the likes of Burbridge and Dwayne Stanford. We may not have the next Mario on the roster yet but the guys we do have could very well be the next Mathews, Arrington, Breaston, or Avant, and their like. 

Next year it's Funchess, Gallon, Dileo, and the Darboh/Chesson duo, so I'm expecting more targets to Devin than the sparing ones he had this year. With Gardner throwing to him he could very well be the next Braylon. Funchess only averaged around 1 catch a game as a freshman and still put up 230 yards, if he's pulling down 3+ a game next year as the primary target he could be our first 1,000 yard receiver in quite a few seasons.