Michigan Commits and Targets Dominating in U.S. Army All-American Bowl Practices

Submitted by BursleyHall82 on January 3rd, 2017 at 10:37 AM

Scout.com identified the top 5 stars from the East and West during the first day of practice for the U.S. Army All-American Game, and there are LOTS of friendly names on the lists.

For the East, WR commits Donovon Peoples-Jones and Tarik Black made the top five, along with Georgia DT target Aubrey Solomon and Florida OG target Tedarrell Slaton. East story here:


For the West, Jay Tufele (DT target from Utah) made the top five. Very glowing assessment of how well he's doing. West story here:




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Hoke wasn't exactly great at bringing in elite DL talent. He did no better than Harbaugh has done. Where's Hoke excelled was (go figure) the development of DL prospects and finding gems. Although it remains to be seen if that was more a product of Mattison and whether or not Harbaugh can replicate that.

But I like how Michigan has recruited the DLine under Harbaugh more than I have with Hoke.


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Did any of you saying "OL is all" get a chance to see that Rose Bowl? That kid Darnold was under pressure constantly, but got rid of the ball so quickly (AND accurately!) it didn't matter at all. I rewatched on espnu "Instant Classic" and he looked better on 2nd viewing. Hell, the psu qb we completely dismantled looked great in spots too. 

Based not solely on that game, but also in part on the 9-game winning streak usc went on after he became starter, that guy looked like another Aaron Rodgers. 

So, yes, O Line upgrade by all means, but we could play the QB position at a much higher level than we did this year. After that game I'm really hoping Peters beats Speight out next year. We need a higher level of execution to make it to the next level.


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While I love following crootin news, I'm becoming more and more skeptical of the "evaluations" we receive. It's very difficult to gauge where a 17 year old stands in terms of body development, strength, and mental composition. So while I love the recruiting class we've assembled, I won't go as far as saying "damn, that Isiah Wilson guy was going to be the next Jake Long", because he just may not be!

Lou MacAdoo

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Oh yeah for sure. Many times these kids are ranked so high becuse they're kids in a man's body. Think Derrick Green or Marvin Robinson. On the other hand you have someone like JJ Watt. It's a harder than you'd think. The mental make up is something that the coaches would know more about than any recruiting guru. That's why it's best to trust in Harbaugh's judgement rather than star gazing.

The Fan in Fargo

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I agree with your assesment. It's obvious by just watching these all star games that a very limited number of guys actually pop out at you as a wow, look at that mother trucking stud. You'd think that some of these 5 stars woud be lighting other dudes up like hardcore but they don't. They are all just kids and human beings. Now that Clowney guy was an exception. Derrick Green too.

1201 S. Main St.

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A while ago about how some coaches are careful when it comes to Texas recruits.  The theory was something about how Texas High School football is so intense and insane that they have great coaches and weight programs that often, some of those kids reach their "peak" before getting to college.  Where some kids you hope to develope and put on weight and so on, those in Texas have already done that and don't have much more to go to reach their ceiling.  Not sure how true that is, but I thought it was interesting.  But to your point, you just never know, 5 stars can end up not being much while 3 stars and lower end up being first round draft picks.


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We're going to have to make some SDE types into DTs. Hudson will definitely play DT, maybe NT, Paea will stay on D at 3T, Irving-Bey may have to play inside as well. Hudson looks like he will be a prime player and, with Mattison's coaching, I'm certain we will develop one of our other DL kids. It would have been great to get at least one of Solomon or Tufele, but we have enough bodies and coaches to make it work.


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Yeah, that will depend on how people develop behind him. He certainly won't be playing end, but whether he is anchor or 3tech will depend on how guys fill out. He will be an anchor next year for sure, 2018 he could flex inside if Jeter or one of the Ends like CMH bulks up and moves over to anchor. 


In 2018 we are strong players from some of the biggest DT types like Taron Vincent, Tyler Friday, PJ Mustipher, and Michael Thompson.


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I am kind of expecting to see Gary inside in obvious pass situations in '17, similar to what OSU did with their speed rush package, with guys like Uche, Kemp, or even Vilain getting some chances to play a role similar to what Winovich did this year. Also hoping that Dwumfour is ready to provide some depth on the interior next year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a grad transfer come in for that same purpose.

AA Forever

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Our 2017 starting front projects as Gary, Hurst, Mone and Winovich. You don't want Hurst backing up Gary..you want both of them out there together as much as possible. That leaves maybe Dwumfor to back up NT or 3 tech, but not much else on the interior, unless they pull Onwenu over from the Oline (which has its own problems). Right now, none of our Dline recruits for 2017 looks like they could step in and contribute at DT this year. Even the ones who might eventually, like Jeter or Hudson, are undersized and have the look of projects.

Mattison or not, we are very, very thin behind Hurst.


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The problem is that they can't play every snap.

Then they graduate and we're left with one or two guys total.

We have to get some bodies this year. At least one.

Imagine running backs blowing through the center of our line from 2018 onward. That's what it means at this point.


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We have several high ceiling 3T types coming in so between Hudson, DIB, Dwumfour, Paea and some amount of Gary snaps that's not 1-2 guys total. Then add whoever we get in '18 where Harbaugh is also in on Tyler Friday, Taron Vincent and a bunch of others.

Would be nice to get someone else, yes, but your "that's what it means" is a giant leap.


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Yeah we aren't getting either of thsoe DT's and Slaton probably can't qualify at Michigan even if we did still lead for him so mostly its just good to see DPJ and Black doing well.


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I wonder if the staff starts taking swings at varous 3* & 4* DTs around the country. Seems like we're likely to whiff on both guys, but I haven't heard of the staff offering anyone else suddenly.


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I wrote this in an earlier thread but it applies more here. Solomon said yesterday that Michigan wasn't recruiting him as hard as Alabama and Georgia. It's been a dead period for almost a month. So if those schools are talking to him when they shouldn't be then Michigan looks like they're not interested when they're really just following the rules.


January 3rd, 2017 at 3:47 PM ^

I believe they have never adapted the contact rules since texting & social media became a thing. So, if I've read reports on this blog about "dead periods" correctly, then visiting & phone calls are out, instagram & twitter are OK.

So if a guy says another team is hitting him up harder than M is, that's probably what he means?

And if even after the whole "nice to have seen you at the BBQ Mr. Soloman" thing, another team is STILL going after him harder than M, it means either they just don't love him that much or they're convinced his mother doesn't love M that much.



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Michigan has seemingly been shitting the bed with the Solomon recruitment.  From misspelling his name to apparently not keeping in touch with him prior to the de-commit.  He may just be throwing out excuses about why he is moving away but for some reason it doesn't seem the staff has put the full court press on him despite being a highly rated target at a huge position of need.


January 3rd, 2017 at 11:21 AM ^

Soloman refers to Harbaugh as the GOAT in a recent video on 247 and also is a 5 star DT from Georgia harassed by idiot Michigan fans on Twitter when he decommited. It's somewhat remarkable to even be in it over the last few months.

"Who is recruiting you the hardest?" just means who is calling and texting you the most during the dead period.

I think they've gone a pretty good job (outside of the staffer who blew the letter thing; I doubt that's going to be a real deciding factor) in getting him to commit initially and from there to even still consider Michigan. They even put on the Mama Gwen push. Sometimes a kid just wants to go elsewhere after he's seen all you have to offer.

The Mad Hatter

January 3rd, 2017 at 11:25 AM ^

Maybe the staff just doesn't think he'll be a great fit at Michigan?  I mean, the way he got all bent out of shape about the name thing seems to indicate that maybe there's some personality conflict type issues there.

If I had a fit every time someone misspelled my name I'd be homeless.  It's really not a big deal.